Another newbie!

If you're new to lucid dreaming, browse this forum for answers to your questions, or post and ask for specific tips on getting started.
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Another newbie!

Postby Sandyman » 06 Oct 2011 13:48

Hi everyone.

Never posted on a forum before so be please gentle ;)

Used to have lucid dreams all the time when I was younger without really realising what they were but less so as I got older. Have always been able to wake myself up from dreams I didn't like and always assumed that this was the norm.

Anyway I won't go on but just to say a couple of intense lucid dreams recently has got me looking for more!!

Love the site and hope to catch up with you all soon.


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Re: Another newbie!

Postby Ryan » 06 Oct 2011 14:04

Hey Paul!

Welcome aboard. You definitely picked a good forum to be your first. :)
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Re: Another newbie!

Postby Mewie » 06 Oct 2011 20:01

Welcome! :D

Oh, a natural lucid dreamer! Facinating!
This forum is awesome, feel free to ask, if you have any questions.

Sweet dreams!
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Re: Another newbie!

Postby Sandyman » 07 Oct 2011 08:53

Cheers guys,

Glad I found this forum, it is pretty awesome :!:
Have to admit I've been pretty lazy practising techniques and keeping up with dream journal but am remembering dreams most nights. Only recently started to try and control properly and have had a couple of amazing HS moments when I realise I'm dreaming and manage to stay with it (whenever it happened before the realisation either woke me up or I drifted off from it and dont recall). Have had many lucid dreams and loads of false awakening/dream within a dream experiences but very few since I began to explore the idea! Is it normal to find it harder or do I just need to chill out :?:
Have picked up loads of tips from here though will try them and let you know how it goes :!:

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