falling feeling

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falling feeling

Postby fuzzylogic » 13 Oct 2011 18:21

Not sure if this best describes it but when I am VERY tired and falling asleep I go from relaxation and closed eyes to a rapid "head nod" drop into sleep. This is accompanied by a quick exhale as I drop off.

All this action/motion shocks me back to awake. This happens over an over again every minute or two as my body tries to go to quickly transition to sleep . Feels like I'm in a perfect state of mind to take advantage of WILD but almost too tired.

Any ideas/suggestions?

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Re: falling feeling

Postby yogithis » 13 Oct 2011 19:41

Hey Fuzzy,

My only suggestion would be to slow down your breathing and focus on that as you try to sleep, this might stop the big drop off???
As for the WILD's - just reading about them...someone with more experience will hopefully answer that one.

Good luck

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