Buzz/whoosh noise

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Buzz/whoosh noise

Postby Olliecollie » 19 Oct 2011 03:56

Hi this is the first time I have visited a site on lucid dreaming as I was trying to go back to sleep after fLling asleep on the sofa. I am looking for some guidance really. Just as I closed my eyes I felt a buzz through my head, it is always very quick. I've had it lots of times before and it normally leads to me feeling paralysed.I feel like If I don't wake up im going to die. Which does sound extreme but I find it really scary. I have read lots of info on how to enhance these types of dreams but not how to stop them. I have also had dreams where I am consciously making myself fly but I don't have the buzz or paralysis feeling and I don't feel scared. I'm also really tired when I wake from these experiences.

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Re: Buzz/whoosh noise

Postby timcal » 19 Oct 2011 23:42

Sometimes when I fall asleep and no longer have any body sensation, I hear various sounds or feel vibrations. These can be rather innocuous or more disconcerting and will cause me to come back in the body. I read some where to just let these sounds pass, and sure enough one night they did and I continued into the lucid dream state. I hope this helps.

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