Not sure if I had 1st Lucid Dream (please reply)

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Not sure if I had 1st Lucid Dream (please reply)

Postby VordinGaming » 19 Oct 2011 22:20

Ok well I've been trying to have Lucid Dreams for about 2 months now. I always watch the video with the subliminal messages in it to help enhance lucid dreaming. Ever since I've been watching them I've been having really vivid dreams that I remember very well. I cant control them though. I started using the Wake Back To Bed method. It's where you set your alarm like an hour earlier than you usually wake up. So yesterday I did the same method. This time I was awoken by my alarm clock and then shut it off. I was like "Ok now let's try to have a lucid dream." Mid way through trying to lucid dream I feel a giant vibration all over my body. I started saying in my head "OMG I'm finally having a lucid dream." I tried not to get excited. I also saw lots of images in my head and lots of colors also. I heard if you open your eyes during this stage you will hallucinate and see creepy things. I opened my eyes and saw my chair flying in the air spinning around my room. About 30 secs later the vibration stopped. I was like Ok I guess I now open my eyes and I'm in a lucid dream. I did that and I realized I was not in my "real room" I did reality check and none of them worked for me. I tried floating. I tried looking at my hands. They were all fine. But in my mind I knew I wasn't in my real room. Something was just really weird in my room and I sensed it. I was like eh whatever I guess the lucid dream failed. When I woke up I was WTF....I had a false awakening. And ofcourse I didn't recognize it. I was kicking myself all day today bc I missed my 1st opportunity. Was this a false awakening or something else?

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Re: Not sure if I had 1st Lucid Dream (please reply)

Postby Peter » 19 Oct 2011 22:30

Well done, sounds like you didnt freak just thougth about it so guess you will just get better as time goes on
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Re: Not sure if I had 1st Lucid Dream (please reply)

Postby torakrubik » 21 Oct 2011 01:10

It probably was a false awakening. They are the most realistic types of dreams, and therefore the hardest too become lucid in.
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Re: Not sure if I had 1st Lucid Dream (please reply)

Postby MikeFromTheUK » 11 Nov 2011 11:49

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