My first real lucid dream!!!

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My first real lucid dream!!!

Postby domitomi7 » 23 Oct 2011 07:38

Hi everybody, I had my first lucid dream tonight.

I had them before, but I just did not felt like doing anything.

This time, It was diffrent.
I had a dream about hiking on a hill near my town,but I made rality check, becouse I was training to do so
every few hours.
And then I did it!!!
I pinched my arm and I felt nothing!!!
I wantend to jump off the cliff, but I was too scared, so I started running down the trail I was climbing,
and jumping, in hopes of me flying.
AND I DID IT!!!!!!!
But after few seconds of flying, I ended in a sea that my mind randomly put there.
When I swimed at the rocky shore,I saw few stone houses, 2 men and few children playing near the sea.
One man was making small wooden house with his knife, other one was minding his own buissnes.
But all of them were not noticing me.
After that, I tried flying, AND I DID IT WITHOUT CRACHING IN THE SEA!!!
But after that, somebody called me on my phone, and told me to come home.
When I flew ower to my house, nobody was there.
But, I tried waking up becouse this phonecall, so tried choking, stabing and stuff,
so I had few false awekenings that I reality checked.
After 3-4 false awekenings, I found myself in my bed,
then I crawled out of it, and here I am now, writing this forum post.

This was great expirience, lotsa fun and I want to thank Rebecca for making this great website that thought me how to lucid dream.

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Re: My first real lucid dream!!!

Postby torakrubik » 23 Oct 2011 23:36

Congratulations! It's an amazing feeling once you've had your first purposely-induced LD :)
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