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Postby livie12 » 04 May 2011 23:13

Hello everyone! im livie. and i have been lucid dreaming since i was about five.but i have been more serious about it since i was eleven.(i am 13 now!) lucid dreaming has been a great experience in my life, and i would love to continue. looking up websites was hard, because most of them where info pages, or didn't have much fun to the page.(boring looking, like out of a text book) But the website Rebbecca made is the best! fun and easy to read! i cant wait to hear about all the other people who luv to lucid dream!
Livie-- :mrgreen:
(p.s. u might have seen my name around this sight for a while, just thought i would put some info on me for anyone who is interested!)

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Re: Hello-livie

Postby Jonathan » 06 May 2011 20:28

Welcome, Livie! Great to have a young member here, who can bring a new fresh perspective. What do you typically lucid dream about? Do you remember your dreams from when you were little?

I agree, Rebecca's site is awesome. Straightforward information is what I like. 8-)

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