Let's give it a shot again...

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Let's give it a shot again...

Postby Natascha1985 » 30 Oct 2011 17:08

I'm Natascha, 26 years old and I have been, so far unsuccessfully, trying to lucid dream for 6 years now. It has been an on-off journey and I took a couple of breaks from it in these 6 years. But never the less I know I can do it, it's like I'm standing at the edge.
Normally I can remember my dreams in really good detail, I pretty often also have these nagging feelings in my dreams, that "something is not right here!!", and I even have dreams in which I tell myself or my cat (!!) tells me "this is a dream!". No matter how awesome this might sound to you, I am stuck at this level and ever make it to really think about what happens right now in my dream. So I have never been lucid.
So that's why I'm here. I finally wanna master lucid dreaming and overcome this last obstacle I'm so badly struggling with.
Thanks to all of you who can contribute any kind of help.

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