Tips for hypnosis?

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Tips for hypnosis?

Postby _Sobo_ » 03 Nov 2011 22:36

I just bought this, and used the hypnosis audio last night. It worked really well, and was very relaxing, until the "fall asleep" part. When that happened, I kind of felt myself start to fall asleep, but then my eyes started twitching like crazy, and it wouldn't work. Anybody have any tips for making it work?

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Re: Tips for hypnosis?

Postby ZexionLover411 » 20 Nov 2011 18:57

Well to relax your eyes try rolling them a few times :arrow: :roll: or try looking back and forth(eyes closed) really fast for a few seconds. :idea: OR maybe your eyes were doing the REM sleep thing where they move really fast.

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