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Postby humanerror » 22 Nov 2011 04:23

having intense dreams of fear i honestly hyperventilate and cry its just too much really . i know im dreaming its just hard to wake up i have to wait for the nightmares to be over :cry: any one have any advice? :| :|

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Postby Structures » 22 Nov 2011 04:53

Well im not sure why its so easy for me, but say, whenever the zombies get a little to close for comfort, or somthing similar, i kinda just shout to my self WAKE UP. I've been doing this for some time as a means of escaping nightmares or even dreams that im not particularly liking. Last night was the only time in a while that I've had trouble waking, and it was my first acctually Lucid Dream. It wasn't until an old teach of mine said he was going to molest that I even wanted to wake up, and after a few failed attempts he proceeded to mock my failures, my subconcious sucks sometimes =/

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Postby DreamInception » 22 Nov 2011 06:30

There are so many techniques to use but if you are new to using any dreaming techniques I would suggest a technique that I use when I have a bad dram and I wasn't in an position to have any control over it... The second that you awake just meditate on that dream and change it - even though you are now awake just rewrite it in your mind and play it out with a different outcome - one which you are in control.

Hope this helps.
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Postby oliviamagnolia » 25 Nov 2011 19:28

If you're having a lucid nightmare (I guess thats what you'd call it, I'm not sure) then face your fears. I know it sounds hard but if you face your fears eventually they'll go away. Like if something is chasing you just turn around and say something like "Go away, this is MY dream!" or "Leave me alone!" then think about another place, turn around a few times, and open your eyes. I'm not sure this will work, I've had very few lucid dreams myself, but try it out and see. I hope this helps.

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