Got lucid dream need suggesion

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Got lucid dream need suggesion

Postby R99 » 24 Nov 2011 08:48

Hey guys i just got a lucid dream and ithink i need some dream iam standing infront of a small old broken house just about 50 ft distance infront of the house there is a pool a guy swimming in it and another one sitting in front of house, the weird thing is i found my body standing there watching them but my view is like third person just like in a game gta.then i focused at my body i enetered in it. When i done this i found myself uttering " i am dreaming" i suddenly realised that iam dreaming. Then i desided to talk to him who is sitting there suddenly i reached infront of him it took a millisecond time. Then i try introduse myself to him and shake hand. He smiled at me and shake hand too. Suddenly vision is getting blur and told that i need to focus i rub my hands togather but it didnt work so i used spinning technique it worked well but dreamscape changed. Now iam trying to focus on dreaming to get lucid i am standing on a bank of river i spinned again and its get claritty then i said claritty now i saw that water in the river getting clean and i never seen in my life clear water like that. When tried to look around my dad comes by and i said to him dont disturb i am trying dream he goes away saying ok. Then my cousin appered in front of me i just looked at her saying anything. She goes away too then i tried to do some realitty check suddenly i wake up by the alarm. And thats the end of it. I needed to know that why people appaers before m e, before i do anything. I cannot concentrate at anything when it happend. If you guys ever experienced it, please let me know how to recover it.
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