No pop in?!

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No pop in?!

Postby KylePK » 05 Jun 2013 06:29

So last night I was having wicked crazy dreams, and then suddenly I thought to look at my hands. Of course, there was 6 fingers and 1 thumb. So I knew I was dreaming. Then I pushed two fingers through my palm. I couldn't quite get them all the way through my hand, but because I had done that before and my hand just kinda turned to silly putty, stretching with the applied pressure, I knew that was a sure sign I was dreaming as well. So I told myself, I am dreaming. My body is in bed, at home. I did my best to force the realization to happen, so I could pop in. I rubbed my hands together, I told the dream to focus up, I demanded clarity. I struggled so hard to try to get my conscious mind to wake the hell up, just felt like a futile kind of blurry concentration on something uncertain, because my conscious mind wasn't quite awake and I was trying to make it come to! But no matter what I did, I could not POP into the dream. I still woke up afterwards and felt different, realizing I still wasn't fully lucid and aware in the dream. I couldn't become fully lucid, even though the dream had great stability, continuity and I took every measure I could think of to make myself pop in, and yet it was still a semi lucid where I couldn't quite fly and didn't get that vivid feeling or that immersive presence.

What happened? What do you guys think?
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Re: No pop in?!

Postby DeltaV » 06 Jun 2013 15:28

Pop? Never heard of that. If you want the dreamscape to become vivid, then you study it in detail. The more attention you pay to it, the more details will be created.
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