My first experience, Was that Lucid Dreaming?

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My first experience, Was that Lucid Dreaming?

Postby Sasso0o » 13 Jun 2013 08:57

Hi, I'm new here, I just had a short experience this morning that I would like to share and hear your opinions about, please excuse me if I mention useless details, it is just that I don't know yet what is important and what is not so I'll tell the whole history.

I've heard about Lucid Dreaming years ago and I never had the courage to try, maybe it is an unreasonable fear but I just didn't dare.

Lately I've been more curious about it, but still I didn't read any techniques, just the general idea. Then yesterday I looked it up again and only read some techniques for reality check, that's all, and I decided that soon I will read more and someday I will have the courage to try.

Then at night, I went to bed early and woke up before I get enough sleep, stayed up for few hours then went back to bed when I felt weak but wasn't really sleepy.

Since I was a little kid, I can't sleep without some visualizing for somethings I wish to happen or whatever ideas come to my mind, this time I visualized nothing special, but for a few seconds I recalled what I read about reality check and Lucid Dreaming, and went back to my visualizations, anyway I dunno when did I fell asleep, but I know it didn't last for long, I can tell for sure that the time between I went to bed and my wake up, was less than 45 minutes, and I never fall asleep immediately.

I remember first thing was feeling paralyzed, it is not the first time it happens to me, so I was aware it is related to dreaming and tried to stop the failed attempts of moving my leg and relax.

Then I remember felt like my body was moving up (in my mind) without being able to control or stop it when I'm aware that my body is still on my bed, and I had some dreams about that before but they were that kind of dreams within dreams when I wasn't aware I was dreaming for real.

This time I was conscious, it was like I'm watching something happening to someone else but wasn't very clear, and I remembered (in the dream) what I read about Lucid Dreaming and thought it might be it and I freaked out, also the idea of dying crossed my mind for an instant, because I relate dying to souls going up out of body, then I decided I'm dreaming and I'm going out of it (I read that you can get out when you want so I believed I can) and I got out and woke up, I think all that happened in few seconds or it felt so.

After waking up I felt so excited and happy and my fear disappeared, I wrote some notes in a notebook about what I experienced (I never did that before) planning to go back to bed for a normal sleep, but I couldn't sleep, I feel active and my mind is so clear, it feels like I had a full sleep and not feeling sleepy anymore, so I decided to look for some forums about Lucid Dreaming and look for advice.

A side note: I'm using subliminal affirmations for 2 weeks now, and I only added some about remembering my dreams that day before I sleep, but nothing was about Lucid Dreaming, just about remembering my dreams because I have trouble remembering them lately.

Anyway sorry for the long post, and whatever what I experienced is called, I know that getting out of the dream easily when I wanted to made me less afraid of trying to Lucid Dream willingly.

What do you think? Was that Lucid Dreaming?

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