What? 'Position Shifting' WILD technique???

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Re: What? 'Position Shifting' WILD technique???

Postby SGraham » 19 Jun 2013 17:03

I might give that a try because sometimes when attempting to WILD i get this unbarable urge to roll over. So maybe this technique will be good for me
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Re: What? 'Position Shifting' WILD technique???

Postby taniaaust1 » 29 Jun 2013 09:03

LucidLink wrote:When I was a little kid, I'd wake up from a dream I knew I was dreaming in, and Id never open my eyes! But I would flop over and sleep on the opposite side, if I was on my right, I'd switch to my left, I'd fall right back asleep, right into another dream where I knew I was dreaming.

Sounds like you created a little ritual for yourself with that which would of helped (any rituals set the space in which to do whatever you intended to do with them).

My ritual is to lay on my back as that signals to my body that I dont want to only fall asleep but that I also want to LD so in my case laying still is helpful due to that.. (if I get too uncomfortable to the point that I think its unbearable.. it seems I then sometimes go into a LD just to escape the physical world discomfort as my subconsciousness knows I wont quit, so will still allow me then to at the point of unbearable, get to sleep).

I can thou also see how some who are put off with discomfort.. this method in this thread could help them as after all one once one is in the right state.. can fall asleep in minutes anyway and if you cant fall to sleep, you arent going to have any hope of a WILD into sleep.

Thanks for posting this technique, it gave me something more to think about thou I know it would in my case work against me as via it I wouldnt be using the ritual that helps me to LD (that being on back signaling to my subconciousness my intense desire to go into a LD then just fall asleep).
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