fear factor

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fear factor

Postby davidob103 » 23 Jun 2013 19:49

Hi my name is David,

I Suppose i should explain a bit about myself to help in a detailed reply so here goes.

Im the type of person has had dream trouble my whole life, without being religious myself it was hammered into me from a young age. In ireland the "fear of god" is as essential to upbringing as education.

I've had my own personal traumas, my sister passing away then my best friend of 15yrs. but hey this is life and we each of us overcome or sink like a stone. i chose alcohol and certain drugs. nothing too heavy just whatever would stop my mind functioning like xanax, valium sleeping pills and a variety of weed hash or whatever. Anywho anyone who's been at the point of waking up at ridiculous o clock and reaching for a sedative instantly knows its unsustainable long term. i began having anxiety attacks with led to panic attacks and so on. i had many lucid dreams before but for the usual reasons i said nothing to anyone for fear of being a "nutjob" and so on. i began TM (transendental meditation) a couple of years ago and recently got to a point where i found some peace of mind and am on the straight and narrow now. but once i stopped "self medication" these dreams have got full on!!

now every time i close my eyes im having a lucid dream. its happening at times while im meditating. up until a couple of weeks ago i knew nothing about LD's and without making any effort now im half consumed by them. The reason im here is because i need to find a way of not panicking when they happen. I'ts a very exciting thing and im awfully intruiged by it all except the moment i become aware im dreaming im instantly scared to death!! without anything even happening my mind is screaming "oh crap im dreaming and this is gonna get real bad real fast if i dont wake up!!.

reading every inch of this website has helped me understand LD's and though im my awake state i feel comfortable and look forward to sleeping i cant control the fear once it begins. Then i wake myself up and feel like a royal shit for the day because i couldnt face it.

id imagine everyone reading this is thinking "you coward its a dream nothing can harm you" but i assure you i feel ive tried most things to overcome this. any advice would be welcome.

also anyone know why when im LD my speech is slurred and my body feels heavy the whole time. when i talk its like im after having a stroke or something??

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Re: fear factor

Postby mia » 24 Jun 2013 03:26

Welcome. I'm sure someone with more wisdom than me will have good suggestions and advice for you. I just know there is nothing to be afraid of. It's just YOU creating a dream, like you do every night, only when you are lucid you have choices and control. You don't need to be afraid of yourself you know; it's only you. Once you realize that, you won't be afraid any longer. I think religion can mystify things that are perfectly ordinary. And if you believe in God; then why fear him? No matter; there is nothing to fear.
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Re: fear factor

Postby HAGART » 28 Jun 2013 20:04

davidob103 wrote:also anyone know why when im LD my speech is slurred and my body feels heavy the whole time. when i talk its like im after having a stroke or something??

This has happened to me a few times. I don't know why either. It's hard to walk without falling and hard to come up with words to say. It's like I am drunk!

If you feel fear, try getting ANGRY! It's hard to be afraid when you are angry. That usually gives me strength. Then after a while, you can let the anger go and feel content again and at peace. That's how I chose to conquer my sleep paralysis fears and maybe it will work the same for you too, with your problem. (Easier said than done. Especially if it is a general fear with no entity or form to redirect your emotions toward...)
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Re: fear factor

Postby taniaaust1 » 29 Jun 2013 04:41

davidob103 wrote: but once i stopped "self medication" these dreams have got full on!!

now every time i close my eyes im having a lucid dream. its happening at times while im meditating.

For years you blocked out all this stuff trying to clear itself by your self meditating, so your subconsciousness is desperate to clear it all, so it will come up at any opportunity it can (for your own well being... its a process you should see as positive).

It is quite likely to come up during a LD too so you do need to get over your fear of LD before you get right into it. Part of you probably realises that you have a lot of bad stuff for clearing and hence your fear of LD which you cant currently shift. Thing is, you cant clear a lot of stuff unless you face it, there is no real easy way around this.

I suggest to focus on positive LD experiences of people and realise that LDs can be controlled some. You need to learn you can control these eg get rid of anything bad which may come into a LD. You can be the boss of your LDs. Its like any fear, probably best to just face it.

Waking yourself up when one is having a bad dream esp in one who does LD.. can backfire as one can then go into a bad false awakening where you think you are awake but you arent and cause you dont know you are awake, then you stop trying to control the dream, thinking its reality. Best always to face things in a LD and learn to control them. To run from anything in a LD is to give over more power to the thing you are fearing and intensify it.. so try to use this logic to stop yourself from running and to face things.

If you experience bad stuff in a LD, keep in mind its not really real but just stuff your own mind is making up, keep reminding yourself "this is only a dream". (Ive turned a scary glowing red eyed, full of malice demon I was stuck in a tiny row boat with, in the middle of the ocean into an innocent little child in a LD. Yeah I could of flipped out at that as he WAS scary so this dream character did make me feel fear.. but I knew it was a lucid dream and thou scared, hence shut my eyes with the intent of changing him as after all IT WAS A DREAM. Best to face things and learn to change the situations you dont like).

Think of dreams and lucid dreams as being chances to learn dream control (not just dream control but will also make you have more strength dealing with daily life stuff too).. the best opportunties to grow in this area is when facing something scary (if it even comes about.. many never have scary things in their lucid dreams so try not to assume that you will have scary stuff there). Just keep trying to face things. You found things hard to face in your real life turning to what amounts to temporary bandaids, so it doesnt surprise me you are finding things hard to face in your dreams too.

also anyone know why when im LD my speech is slurred and my body feels heavy the whole time. when i talk its like im after having a stroke or something??

I get like that not in my LDs but occassionally experience that in some of my OBEs. I find it harder to wake up in an astral state. Its like trying to walk throu mud or having weights on ones feet.. I can also then stagger around like Im drunk.

It may also be representing all the crap you've been throu as like weight on the body or a heavy body.. all the dense heavy energies you carry still. As you let go of your past stuff, you should become lighter and able to move and think better in your dream or OBE states. Try not to allow fears to keep weighing you down.

Everyone has more control over their dream life and dreaming if they are LD then if they are just doing the normal kind of dreaming everyone does every night. So its something to welcome.
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