Tips for relaxing completely - OBE (Need advice)

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Tips for relaxing completely - OBE (Need advice)

Postby DreamChaser » 02 Jul 2013 14:56

Lately I've been trying to have an OBE, trying heaps of different methods and techniques but I seem to have one major problem, and that is being able to relax enough to be able to "loosen" myself from my body, so to speak. I keep trying, but I don't think I'm getting anywhere.

I mostly lay on my back for these things but I have tried laying on my side, which is how I sleep but I still have the same problem. Any help would be appreciated!
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Re: Tips for relaxing completely - OBE (Need advice)

Postby Highlander » 02 Jul 2013 15:44

I'm subscribing to this topic because i wanna know also. I've been trying once in a while to have an OBE, but no luck so far. I've only went to a little vibration state a couple of times but it vanishes quickly.
I lie on my back to do this, but it's the position i'm most uncomfortable. Once, after vibrations i began to try to leave my body. I couldn't do it. It was like something was blocking me. Of course it was. This time i was lying on my belly and my bed was blocking me.

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