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Postby ESPer » 08 Jul 2013 19:46

I've been lucid dreaming, and much more than that ever since I can recall. My entire life has been very bizarre, and I had my belief system challenged at a very young age. I personally experienced things I grew up being told just couldn't, shouldn't, and don't happen. But they did regardless. And the only place it got me were visits to the doctors/shrinks office, and prescribed medication. Strange though, that when I got older and would bring it up people would ask me if I was ON drugs. Wait a second?... I thought the drugs were supposed to suppress these experiences. Now I'm being told they're the cause. Sounds like a damned if you do/damned if you don't scenario if I ever heard of one. So I also learned at a young age not to discuss my experiences with other people.

It wasn't until just recently actually that I began talking about it, anonymously, on the internet. And it was refreshing to find others that could not only not accuse you of being a drug addict (or recommending you turn into one)... but could even relate to my absurd lifestyle. And that's when everything became even more bizarre. It was like flipping on a switch... bringing all the stuff to the surface. For instance 2 years ago I could've counted the number of OBE's I'd had my entire life previously on 1 hand. Now I couldn't count them all with an abacus. Previously my experiences were more Slider related, and also sightings of unidentifiable things (craft, entities, and otherwise). Much more, including precognitive dreaming, temporary clairvoyance, just about every Esper related phenomena that exists I've experienced at some point. Lucid dreaming is almost a given for me. It's like my awareness never wants to shut off. I'm an insomniac and believe that has something to do with it. Since I sometimes go long periods without sleep, once I finally get to sleep I sleep deeply. I believe that can help one stay asleep during a LD. Your body is just too damned exhausted to wake up even if your mind is kinda pushing it to.

I've lurked a little bit and some of the topics resonated with me, so I figured I'd hang around and contribute some. Thanks for having me.
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