Part-2 the previous reoccouring dream.

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Part-2 the previous reoccouring dream.

Postby awaisagha » 12 Jul 2013 02:55

This is the dream which I am getting from sometime. There is no fixed time for its occurrence but this keeps happening to me after some intervals in a year. Before I used to get it once almost every 3months then I moved to a different city for my degree and for 4-5yrs I didn’t see this dream and I almost forgot it but then almost a year ago i got back to my city and this reoccurred almost 8-9 months back.
I get suddenly into a home that is abandoned from almost 20years (this is a rough guess), it is shattered and closed house but certainly quite a big one because it has so lots of rooms. This is sort of a home which is like one in film doom. There is one room, then door opens and there is another room and so on but you can’t find the way to outside. This was the a little detail of what the home is like.
Now I get towards the dream.
When I enter into dream, it is one of the rooms inside this home. I don’t know on what floor I am or what part of home I am in. I am scared from inside but this being scared is not much, at this moment. I run from one room to other in order to find the way out and get out of this home but I seem unable to find the way out. By the time I feel the day is going down and I can feel the darkness is increasing as darkness is increasing inside the home too. The floors are heavily covered with thick and fibered kind of dust layer. That is a thick layer of dust and you cannot see the floor at all. The walls are all covered with dust, and spider webs. There is no painting or anything hanging on the walls. This part which I am in it now, is made of bricks. I am getting more and more freaked out because of darkness increasing and then unluckily or don’t know what I start moving towards the downside of the home.
When I am roaming through rooms in order to find out some way out, I feel some unknown and unexplainable force is pulling me towards the basement of the home. As I am going downstairs, I can feel the air becoming humid and smelly. This kind of smell you might have experienced in damp and closed places, it is the mixed smell of dust, humidity and closed atmosphere. Well with this force pulling me downstairs towards the basement, I come inside the basement. This is made of stones. The walls are made up of stones like the one in bridges. There is a hole in the last corner of the basement and there is a dead tree trunk with its branches inside it. I feel there that something very wrong is going to happen to me, I try to run away from basement but I seem unable to even raise my feet and move like someone has made me frozen. Instead that force keeps pulling me towards the hole. I turn move my head around to see what I can do and as I again see towards the hole, the tree trunk is gone and it is just an old dark and black hole. I come by the opening of that hole and just before something pull me in, my eyes open because of severe fear.
This happens all the same way, every time. There is not even a slight change in anything. This freaks me out totally and I am unable to explain why this happens and keeps occurring to me again and again.

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Re: Part-2 the previous reoccouring dream.

Postby LucidLink » 12 Jul 2013 06:02

Just go lucid and ask it yourself.

This demon is nothing more then a physical manifestation of your fears and limits in life.

It is a reoccurring dream, so it should be easy to realize when your dreaming. Then project love, and ask why it wants to get you. The fear will disappear, and you will be empowered! :)

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