Running Dreams

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Running Dreams

Postby Jackson » 17 Jul 2013 16:14

Recently, I have been having many dreams with running.

Usually, I am just running for the sheer joy of it, but sometimes I am chasing after someone or something. In these dreams I always can run waaaaay faster than I can in real life (XD). This is a very frequently occurring dream symbol, but I think it has more significance than that( :? . Every time I start running in my dreams, I get this thought tickling the back of my head. Sometimes I realize it to be the fact that I know I am dreaming, leading to lucidity, and other times I ignore as a mere delusion. Sometimes while dream running and then, I run more quickly than in my normal 2 legs dream running. I feel powerful, strong and want to run forever. In these moments, I get the impression that I am in some way a wolf (perhaps in the waking world as well) 8-)

Just hoping if anyone could shine some light on this matter, as I find it intriguing yet frustratingly confusing. :D :?

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Re: Running Dreams

Postby Peter » 17 Jul 2013 20:52

I sometimes just run for the fun and joy of it so enjoy and when you have had enough then get on with some dream goals if you are lucid
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