Sleep Paralysis Induced Nightmare

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Sleep Paralysis Induced Nightmare

Postby DreamerMan99 » 19 Jul 2013 16:39

For the first time I had sleep paralysis. My mom woke me up (very poorly because i fell back asleep after a few minutes) and I slept for another couple hours. It was a weird feelIng because i was in this haze state, like aware but dreaming. I saw the pictures on the back of my eyelids -like a memory. Anyway, i suddenly realize i am asleep, but i have sleep paralysis. I keep my eyes closed. Its this euphoric meditative state. I realize i have sleep paralysis. It doesnt scare me, and i feel fine. I just had more weird hypogognic imagry, and drifted off. I had this weird dream, like a false awakening, but it was storming outside. It was pitch black, but i could see some features telling me i was in my room. I got out of bed to turn the light on and the door opened. I got freaked out, and i realized it was my cat. Then, i had a sudden dark, scared, burst and panicked. I tried to get out of my room but something growled a demonic sound and grabbed my leg and tried strangling me with the cord from the light. He cut it so i couldnt turn on the light. I got out of his grasps and ran into my moms room to see if she was ok. My little brothers severed head was on the ground, but he was also alive, walking around with his head on him, while it was on the ground if that makes sense. My mom was in the bed sleeping but there was a massive hole in the roof above her bed. I then woke up.

Heres the kicker - my mom said i was in my room standing up, for about 10 minutes, then sat down, and went back to bed. Ive never slept walk or done anything in my sleep.

Heres what confused me - this one was one of my first nightmares that actuslly acared me and i couldnt escape, and the first one i had in a while. Also, when i wake up from my nightmares, i feel fine.

Also, did my weird sleep paralysis effect this? Or the knowledge i was asleep / awake?

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