Please help.

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Re: Please help.

Postby Jackson » 25 Jul 2013 02:34

erichsa wrote:For an 11 year old you are a Wunderkind :)


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Re: Please help.

Postby Jacob46719 » 02 Aug 2013 13:08

Hey I have a question. If you instruct the DC, "I want you to...I need you to every night...tell me that I am dreaming...every single night...every time I dream from this point on...tell me that I'm dreaming whenever I dream." Could your subconsious be programmed like that? Would it remember to tell me that I am dreaming for several nights in a row?
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Re: Please help.

Postby DreamyDazzler » 02 Aug 2013 19:06

I don't use tried and tested techniques. i developed my own with a very good success rate. I go to sleep as normal. then when you wake up lie in bed repeating in your head " am i dreaming? this must be a dream! im not really awake am i? " and things along them lines. I also reach out very slowly and touch things near my bed. Try to convince yourself sounds you hear while awake are not real and you are causing them yourself ( car horn, loud bangs outside etc.. it's all in your head. (but not really hehe). you might drift off to sleep again then wake up without going lucid. i often fall asleep 4 or 5 times for 20 minutes at a time before i reach lucidity. everytime you wake repeat the pattern i described above. What tends to happen for me is i dream that im standing in my bedroom and i suddenly ask myself am i dreaming? or i straight away realize im dreaming. The first thing i do to confirm this is go to my window and try to stick my hands through the glass or look in my wardrobe mirror. the problem then is not getting too exicted because you'll wake up fast. flying is very exicting but for beginners it can wake you up in seconds. so if you realize you are lucid don't rush around trying to change your environments or flying out your window etc.. do little things to begin with.. even just walking around observing your dream world is good practise. don't try and rush it. with experience and practise you will find your dreams last longer and you are able to gain better control of the dreams. i find my lucid dreams seem to last between 10 and 20 minutes depending on how exciting i make it ( flying through the sky and changing the world around me tends to speed up my awakening). another thing to be wary of is false awakenings. you may think you are fully awake but sometimes you ' wake up' inside a dream and miss a great opportunity for lucid dreaming. the other month i had about 20 false awakenings in a row! each time i would go about my usual morning routine in the dream and then really wake up and go " DAAAMNNN!! i was dreaming?!?! " if you can catch yourself in a false awakening you can easily lucid dream straight after so long as you don't get too excited and wake up for real. you might find during lucidity a strange noise occur.. like a throbbing vibration and that can be frightening and wake you up immediately. If that happens try to stay relaxed and just go with it. eventually them noises will not be as disturbing as they were at first and once you master the noise you can push it aside and continue dreaming. Also don't be scared to look into mirrors in dreams. some people are scared because what they see can be scary, your image can be distorted or someone else completely. i used the mirror distortions as a way to prove to myself i'm in a dream, it can be a useful tool to achieve lucidity aslong as it doesn't scare you. :P

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