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Drop a line here to introduce yourself! Let us know your background, where you're from in the world, your lucid goals.
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Re: New sub forum: Introduce Yourself

Postby taniaaust1 » 15 Aug 2013 09:38

:lol: @ those of us who are prefering to use this thread. Actually I want to put my into here too.

I was born 1971 (Im so old Ive just forgot my age :lol:.. anyway, Im just over 40 years). Ive had interest in the paranormal from a young age, my first weird experience I remember was when I around 4 years old (I dont know if it was an alien abduction or not, a group of us children were in a school room with a being trying to teach us how to levitate objects. and nope i didnt master that).

Then I was tormented (my sisters too) by a ghost who loved to scare us when I was a teen. When I moved out of home at then 17 years, I ended up living in a house which satanists previously had lived in (I didnt find this out to after the weird goings on started) and there was demon who manifested as a poltergist at first. I used to jokeningly call him George at first and didnt worry about his pranks but over time his true colours started to show.

Speed throu time, my children were psychically gifted, one a lot which caused issues at times (it was several years before the movie The Sixth Sense, my daughter could see spirits, bashed up children, she can see auras in full colour, would come home crying from school due to being able to see throu an aura that someone hated her etc etc). I got into healing, psychic gifts, spiritual development meditation and starting finding people to teach me things. In those years I was also learning lots, I'd gone way beyond just being interested in this stuff and having the occassional weird experience to actually learning how to do things and use my psychic gifts, I couldnt help my daughter with her gift thou as she was terrified of it at times thou not of all spirits. After learning all the basics (it was probably around this time I may of first got into LD and before that I was into astral projection).

I found myself some great teachers (think great yogis, many of those things you may come across they can do, well they really can!) able to do some things most wouldnt believe and experienced lots of different things, couldnt thou control a lot, when things for me just happened they happened (so thou Ive experienced most things, I certainly have not mastered them yet). I got into healing (I can feel auras and chakras at will now), psychic gifts (I went to mediumship classes for years etc, I can see the first layer of auras easily), spiritual development, meditation. I started doing healing at expos etc and had paying clients too I'd help (for a donation).

I then went into teaching psychic development skills and meditation for a year or two. I had some very bad things happen to me (severe psychic attacks, a group who attacked me almost killed me but two people saved my life, I got partly possessed and had to go throu depossession.. entities put rips and holes all throu my aura etc etc I had to seek the help of experienced shamans and other advanced lightworkers. I experienced some crazy stuff while people were removing things from me). After that, I was put in situations in which people were asking me to help possessed family members (unfortunately I havent been able to help anyone fully possessed Ive come across so this left me wanting to get out of healing for a while). Ive witnessed some very strange things when called in by others to help. The path I was on was taking me way out of my depth. I dont know how much of my past has anything to do with my bad physical health now but anyway. I had to give everything up (thou I do still have some psychic abilities some would call them).

Anyway, right now Im just focused on having fun with LDs and trying to improve my health. If I heal with the severe illness I have now (which has left me having to use a wheelchair when out etc. I had very severe kundalini syndrome), I'll get back to doing a lot of what I previously used to do.

My future plan is to one day write a couple of books on the psychic stuff (how to books) and maybe on my experiences too and advice on what and what not to do. Ive had some extremely hard lessons from playing around with things I should not have done.
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Re: New sub forum: Introduce Yourself

Postby Son Of Somnus » 26 Aug 2013 14:08

Sup gee, been lucid dreaming for a while. I like dreaming about flying and exploring.
That pretty much sums up everything I am willing to share about my life :D
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Re: New sub forum: Introduce Yourself

Postby mia » 26 Aug 2013 17:30

This is to introduce myself to new members, although I have been a member for a bit here now. I am Mia. I'm from Canada.
I have some experience with lucid dreaming; I have had lucid dreams off and on throughout my life. After school, and university, my life got very busy with the world of work, and I neglected my dreams and my inner world, and so I gradually started losing my dream recall abilities ( which used to be really good), and of course I lost the ability to be lucid in my dreams. I then became very interested in Eastern ( mainly Tibetan Buddhism, and Hinduism) belief systems. I have been meditating, doing yoga ( once a week for about 5 years), and have a desire to try to be more 'present' in life . So then, I began having spontaneous lucid dreams again. Thanks to the internet, I recently discovered that it is possible to increase the frequency of lucid dreams, and increase clarity and control in them. I have been working on this with good success. I never used to discuss these dreams with anyone. For quite awhile, I just assumed everyone had them from time to time, that it was just a normal occurrence in dreaming, and I didn't know there was a name for these types of dreams. I was very surprised to find it was not the normal experience for everyone ( What? Really?) So I am now reading a lot, and exploring all of this, and trying to understand more about lucid dreaming, and consciousness. It all creates a lot of questions about the nature of reality and consciousness states.
So there it is.
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Re: New sub forum: Introduce Yourself

Postby Someone » 28 Aug 2013 06:36

Hello everyone, my name is Holly..I am twenty four years old, though I have recollections of previous lives and other worlds. I've had extremely vivid and intense lucid dreaming experiences for years, and they have only seemed to increase in frequency recently. My life has been very wild for the last year, and often I find myself questioning what and where is real- it has been a struggle to discern the differences between this world and- that. What is more real, what is not..I cannot say, I've spent much time expanding my understanding; as well as my pool of knowledge in this realm. One thing I can say with certainty is that I follow my heart with all that I do, and try to do right by my own conscious judgement. I found this site, and previously- I've decided to stray from joining a forum like this related to dreaming. I suppose tonight I felt it right to reach out and see what this may do for me. My story is not a simple one, as much as simplicity is something I strive for.. looking forward to sharing .. also learning more from others experiences. Thank you for your patience with me, and understanding.. =]

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Re: New sub forum: Introduce Yourself

Postby Smokescreen » 30 Aug 2013 08:09

Hello everyone, my name is Chris. I am 23 and just stumbled upon this site recently, but have been interested in the subject for almost a year now. The first thing that piqued my interest was astral projection, which I read about last year and immediately started trying to practice because getting out of my body sounded fascinating. I also read about lucid dreams while researching but it didn't hold much appeal for me at the time, but I have become increasingly interested in lucid dreaming over the past couple months.

Reading through here I see that some people believe that astral projection and lucid dreams are two separate things, and some others believe astral projection is just a type of lucid dream. All I know is that since I've started practicing last year, I have come really close but have not yet managed either, which is frustrating, because I remember being able to do it as a teenager, I just didn't know what it was at the time. I would frequently experience vibrations strong enough that I thought there was someone at the end of my bed shaking it, and I would look up to see if there was someone there. Of course, there never was, and I have since read plenty of literature about astral projection/lucid dreaming to know that many other people experience these vibrations as well.

The technique I first started practicing with was WILD, and I have come decently close to achieving lucidity, just not all the way there yet. Recently I have been focusing on just telling myself that I am going to become aware in my dreams, and I feel that this may be where I finally achieve success, as I have always been fairly decent at dream recall, but lately I have been able to recall so many different aspects of my dreams and they have been very vivid. I look forward to reading through the boards and getting advice and sharing experiences with everyone on here!

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Re: New sub forum: Introduce Yourself

Postby darkskies » 08 Sep 2013 05:24

Hello everyone, my names Mike and I've been a lucid dreamer for several years. Since I have a family filled with psychologists I was able to delve fairly deep into dreaming and try several experiments. I've had some pretty fantastic experiences that hopefully you all will want me to share and I hope this forum will give me some new ideas to try and offer some new induction techniques. It's a pleasure to be here.

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Re: New sub forum: Introduce Yourself

Postby mia » 08 Sep 2013 18:02

Hi Mike. Welcome. Sounds like you have some experience, and an interesting background. Would love to hear of some of your lucid dreaming ventures, and about how you were actually encouraged by your family. (My own experience is that no one wants to hear about it, and that people are a bit uncomfortable about this topic ;except here).
The key to creativity is to remove the watchers from the gates, and realize how free you really are.

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