shared a dream with sister and nephew

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Re: shared a dream with sister and nephew

Postby Summerlander » 13 Oct 2011 00:03

torakrubik wrote:Mutual dreaming is almost certainly real, although no real proof has yet come to light, just anecdotal evidence. Intentionally Initiating these kind of dreams is still unknown however, and i'd imagine very difficult. Good luck if you choose to try though :)

I've "visited" three people in the lucid dream state and according to their reactions when I told them about my experiences, it appears that I either saw what was on their minds at the time and sometimes slightly inaccurate replicas of what they were actually doing physically. It begs the question: did I tap into the subconsciously created inaccurate replicas of what they were doing at the time (because when we do things in wakefulness, a mental construct is always generated in awareness)...OR...was it all coincidence and my mind does better than wild guessing about other people's affairs?

If telepathy is a reality and the quantum entanglement of minds is a reality, then it is not difficult to peruse the minds of others as all one needs to do is enter the lucid dream world and translocate to desired mental constructs simply by desire. Think of the person you wish to visit and translocate.

I can't claim anything concretely because I have only "visited" three people. One of them was visited twice. Three out of four experiments were accurate. The inaccurate one came from the most sceptical person (and even he confirmed an element of my experience to be congruent with recent events in his waking life). We must also take into consideration how people interpret our experiences.

One reported feeling funny around the time of my experience, and, he deliberately interrupted his meditation to say to his girlfriend that he felt funny, as though he was supposed to remember someone or something... around that time, in the dreamworld, I saw him in the meditative position and spoke to him and he spoke back. I came up with the theory at the time that I had had a conversation with a representation of his unconscious self (thus explaining why he did not remember the conversation but why he partially felt something in his meditation).

Perhaps his brainwaves had had changed during meditation and allowed him to partially perceive the mind frequency I was tuned to at the time. Who knows. Maybe him feeling "funny" was nothing but the product of his own intense meditation which coincided with my realistically imagined visit in the lucid dream state.

Another one was CaitHT from Astral Viewers who lives across the Atlantic from me. A lot of the things in my experience coincided with what was on her mind and what the lucid dream version of her said to me, coincided with what she had told her boyfriend at the time when he asked her if she was ok. In the lucid dream, I had also asked her if she was ok.

Maybe there is some truth in what Michael Persinger has claimed lately. The 7 billion brains in this planet are telepathically connected...
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Re: shared a dream with sister and nephew

Postby torakrubik » 13 Oct 2011 17:30

So you actually observed people in real life, whilst in a dream yourself? that's pretty awesome!
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Re: shared a dream with sister and nephew

Postby Summerlander » 13 Oct 2011 21:15

It's a possibility. I don't think it was real life though...if indeed it was not a fluky streak of coincidences, then I tapped into the minds of the people I decided to visit in the dream world.

Taking the theory of telepathy into account, I would have seen the mental models that the visited created in accordance to their waking experience, and, at times in accordance to their thoughts, dreams or imagination. I just got the impression that my experiences were making more sense to them than me. If the environments I saw in the dream world coincided with what the visited was doing in reality, it was always slightly inaccurate. It was very odd.

For example, in my "visit" to my friend Mike (stoneZoMbIe from Astral Viewers), I saw him sitting on the floor in a meditative position. He had CDs on the floor and a strange burgundy parallelogram-shaped object that looked like a radio and another dark object that I could not tell whether it was a box or a CD folder. I asked him if he was aware of my presence and he looked up and told me that he was. He said he was interested in out-of-body experiences and wished to do the same as me.

I told him that he could and in fact that he already inhabited the realm of the mind, all he needed to do was become aware of it. Let me mention here that his house looked different. It lacked furniture and was devoid of objects. All the walls in the house were light blue. This description is quite symbolic to him and it is a certain detail that I hadn't mentioned to him at first when I called him to tell him about my experience.

When I called him he told me that he was actually sat on the floor at the time, and going through his CDs. Furthermore, he told me he was getting rid of them as a test to prove to himself that he could live without his most cherished possessions as he was getting into Buddhism. However, he mentioned that he did not recall any "mental" conversation.

Then he asked me if his house in my lucid dream was empty. I said yes and he told me that it is symbolic to him because in his mind he is letting go of possessions and yet his mind is at peace. I mentioned that the walls in his house were light blue and he told me that he associates that colour with peace (many people do anyway).

It is clear from this account that I did not see anything physical and this may be due to the fact that sometimes we don't remember physical things accurately and the mental constructs may also get distorted by other thought-forms and symbolism. Either a telepathic link had been established at the time between me and him, OR, my mind simply showed me an excellent analysis of my friend and somehow guessed the activity he was engaged in at the time.

I wonder if lucid dreaming allows to tap into a natural "Mindnet" and if there is some truth to Rupert Sheldrake's theory of "M fields".

I'm not gonna brag here but, I have actually been thinking about the possibility of minds being quantum entangled way before Michael persinger started taking the whole remote viewing thing and telepathy seriously.
"Empty cognizance of one taste, suffused with knowing, is your unmistaken nature, the uncontrived original state. when not altering what is, allow it to be as it is, and the awakened state is right now spontaneously present."

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Re: shared a dream with sister and nephew

Postby susunia » 13 Dec 2011 07:32

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Re: shared a dream with sister and nephew

Postby RosenVitae » 19 Dec 2011 13:17

I love to think that psychic manifestations can happen (and I can't disprove it with this post either :)). I just want to point out how this may also be coincidental.

We know that the subconscious picks up every detail during the day and sorts them out during dreamstate. The subc. is very easily influenced (which makes hypnosis/NLP work) and as a result, seperate minds needs only pick up a few hints of a flood during the day (a tv broadcast in the background or a conversation, picture, word etc.. 2011 gave many news on floods).
Darren Brown explains this phenomenon on youtube (about subliminal advertising):

Granted, for all three closely related persons to have been influenced with the same details during the same day(s) and, also, have great recall of those dreams makes for a extremely slim chance of coincidence, but not nonexistent :) It's still something to marvel at, no doubt about it.
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