some tips?

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some tips?

Postby DoctorAnon » 25 Aug 2013 21:26

so i started having dreams again, its normally on and off
then i made a huge step, i had a lucid dream and it was rather easy, but only for like 6 seconds which really pissed me off
heres how it went, i was in some school with some kid that was my friend in 4th grade, he looked the same from last time i saw him in 4th grade, we were walking from the bathroom going back to class
it was weird because i was my normal height and in the same clothes i had been wearing in public for days, just some jeans and some t-shirt with a triangle on it
got to the classroom and walked to some desk, it felt like it was my desk, it just felt natural to pick that one
my 5th grade teacher was the teacher for today, i was like "interesting"
then for some reason, just started looking at my desk, then thats when it kicked in, little by little i became more and more aware, and i was like "awesome"
and im not entirely sure why, but i kinda wanted my dick sucked, just sorta the first thing that came to mind, my bad
looked up, first girl i saw i was like "get over here and suck my dick" and she proceeded to get up
but i guess i got too excited and everything started to fade as i was fully conscious and i woke

so now there are two things i gotta do, or not do next lucid dream
i should probably explore the environment instead of oral sex haha
and i should try and stay as calm as possible, hell, exploring the area would probably be the best way to stay calm, i'll have something to keep myself occupied
anyway, what would your tips and suggestions be?

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Re: some tips?

Postby taniaaust1 » 28 Aug 2013 04:19

Sex stuff is probably a near sure way to loss a LD for someone not experienced as you should try to stay calm and be focusing on your environment rather then the feelings within your own body.
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