Dream self vs Waking self

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Dream self vs Waking self

Postby Gen » 10 May 2011 02:21

In my lucid dreams, and in many of my non-lucids too, I feel I am less fearful, more decisive, confident, and powerful, I have a greater understanding of the world and myself. Not like omniscient or anything, just like a wiser, clearer, version of myself, like I have dropped some of my waking life ego.. I was wondering if other people have found a similar thing?

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Re: Dream self vs Waking self

Postby Rebecca » 10 May 2011 03:26

That's a great observation. I never thought about that before, but it's definitely true. I shed all shyness in dreams, lucid or otherwise.

I wonder if we have a psychology expert around who can explain that :)
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caine thornley
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Re: Dream self vs Waking self

Postby caine thornley » 10 May 2011 22:19

hi, rebekka, i have a few questions id like you to try and answer

1) in the cat method what if you wake up at different time each morning and therefor cannot wake up xx minuets earlier because you ave no set circadium rythem.

2) after you have used cat to set your circadium rythem is that a good time to start the wild technique? :?:

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Re: Dream self vs Waking self

Postby maya » 12 May 2011 15:22

I'm no psychologist but if you think of this topic not as Real-self vs Dream-self,
but more like a scale, which begins from non-lucid, goes towards fully-lucid, and ends with real life, it may give us a clue.

Many people experience varying levels of lucidity, and Dr Ed Kelogg was kind enough to give us some definitions of levels of lucidity. Feel free to google them (PM me, i have a short version somewhere).

There are lower levels of lucidity such as semi-lucid; where we tend to follow the script and scenarios in the dream but also manage to control some aspects of the dream world, somehow aware in the back of our minds that it's only a dream.
I've noticed i'm most confident, fearless, powerful, and even selfless at times, at this level of dreaming.

The scale goes up to full lucidity and super-lucidity, where every aspect of our waking consciousness and memory appears to be present in the dream self.
I've never had a super-lucid, but noticed that a couple of the same things that hinder me in waking life, also hinder my actions in my more vivid lucid dreams. Perhaps it has something with the idea that when we feel like our body is real, we want to protect it?

My guess is that it's all part of our lucid training. To allow ourselves to become that limitless person, and lucid dreams seem to be the perfect experimentation ground for real life simulations..

P.S. don't take my advice, you're talking to a person who once lucid will frolick around naked cos it's fun.

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Re: Dream self vs Waking self

Postby Luciddreamer007 » 25 Oct 2015 21:31

I also tend to feel kinda more relaxed, but many times some fears appear in my behaviour during lucid and non lucid dreams
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