Hello! :)

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Hello! :)

Postby Rinnana » 30 May 2011 14:23

Hello everyone! I'm Corinne, but usually I go by Rinn on the internet so people don't pronounce my name "coreen" or, believe it or not, people have called me "corny." I'm 15 years old, and I have yet to lucid dream. I've started keeping a dream journal & meditating, and I think it's really helping! I'm actually really awful at remembering my dreams, but now I can remember at least 1 a night. I have a question about that though. It seems like it's easier to remember my dream after I've woken up a bit. When I first wake up, I try to remember my dream and I can't remember a thing. But as I go to grab my journal (just to write that I don't remember anything) it all starts coming back to me. Is this what it's like for everybody else, and if it isn't, do you think it affects my dream recall?

Anyway, I am now on summer break so that should make things easier, even though I forgot to shut off my alarm for school today. Since I'm up much earlier than I was planning, I think I'll try the WBTB method :P

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Re: Hello! :)

Postby Caspi » 31 May 2011 19:23

Welcome to the forum coreen, :)
I'm also a beginner in lucid dreams, I have dreamt 5 lucid dreams until now, and they were all incredibly
fun and exciting! if you can remember at-least 1 dream every night that's really perfect for you, When I first started I couldn't remember dreams at all! today I remember 3 dreams or even more! so yeah, the more you remember your dreams you will get better at them! :D
Last night I had a dream about an orange dog, that was inside my house, I liked him and he seemed to like me too, when I woke up I only remembered 1 dream, but the orange dog wasn't on my mind at all, when I got on my IPhone and started to record the dream, I heard a dog bark! suddenly I remembered the dream and recorded it, so I think that proves that we dream allot of dreams, some of them stays in your mind but have to be triggered! so you can remember the whole thing!
Good luck and hope to see you again ;)
My first LD was I think when I was a child, about 11 years old, i was in a strange mountain, full of small black rocks, I knew that it was a dream, so i rolled over and over to the end of it :P.

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Re: Hello! :)

Postby Rebecca » 31 May 2011 23:58

Hi Corinne! ;)

I am lucky as I don't have to get up early or at an exact time, so usually I allow myself to sleep long enough to finish in a long REM cycle. This means I wake up from a dream and all the memories are right there for me to pick up on. I find if I allow myself to forget at this point, I have two more fail-safes...

1) A dream can come rushing back hours later the next day if something reminds me of it - something as simple as a dream symbol like a cat appearing on the TV and trigger the whole memory.

2) When my head hits the pillow to go to sleep the next night, it's a kind of anchor for me to remember my last dream, and sometimes I get a rush of memories from a dream the night before.

Your method of picking up your dream journal is a really good practice - it seems to be your anchor for triggering the memory AND it's first thing in the morning which really is the best time to recall and record it.

Good luck with your first lucid dream!

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Re: Hello! :)

Postby RosenVitae » 22 Dec 2011 00:35

Rinnana wrote:It seems like it's easier to remember my dream after I've woken up a bit. When I first wake up, I try to remember my dream and I can't remember a thing. But as I go to grab my journal (just to write that I don't remember anything) it all starts coming back to me. Is this what it's like for everybody else, and if it isn't, do you think it affects my dream recall?

Hey Rinn :)

I'm grateful that you wrote this post. During last night I woke up three times and knew that I should record in my journal, but I couldn't recall anything lying there (thinking the best moment would be before moving a muscle). I was tired and hazy and I couldn't get a hole through so I gave up quickly each time.

Now I know better ^^
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Re: Hello! :)

Postby lucidinthe sky » 22 Dec 2011 00:52

Hello and welcome to the group. I'm reading LaBerge's book on lucid dreaming and his opinion is that lucid dreams occur almost exclusively in the morning. I have found this to be the case as well so my efforts for both dream recall and lucid dreaming are focused on the end of the sleep cycle. REM cycles get progressively longer throughout the night and it's easier to become lucid. For me, those dreams are easier to recall, and much more vivid. Also, the quality of what I can remember increases through the sleep cycle. Even the early morning ones that aren't lucid are very conscious and often semi-lucid. So my advice would be to put most of your effort there, try to wake up a little early if you can, use WILD and you'll probably get the best results that way. Good luck and keep us posted on your progress.
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Re: Hello! :)

Postby TaoTeRazz » 25 Dec 2011 02:46

Hi Rinnn,

Glad to see you here. In answer to your question, I would say that yes, it does affect your dream recall in a very positive and beneficial way. I would say that your daily life, at the moment anyway, takes priority and even though your Attention may be temporarily on recalling dreams, to your Meta Mind, it still ranks second until you've sufficiently prepared yourself for the day. At that point, your dreams will, with out trying 'pop' right into your attention. At this point, I would forget about attempting to cultivate lucidity and stick with mastering further, dream recall. Although 1 dream per morning is good, it's really not enough. You should really continue to focus your attention on dream recall until you you've gotten to the point where you, without effort, recall 3+ dreams per morning. After that, you might consider some of my suggestions here: http://www.world-of-lucid-dreaming.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=4&t=790


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