FIRST TIME LUCID!!!With other Lucid Dreamers??

Tell us about your first lucid dream - and your latest. We want all the juicy details. Also share results of dream challenge experiments.
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FIRST TIME LUCID!!!With other Lucid Dreamers??

Postby napper9606 » 15 Sep 2013 06:01

Hello everyone let me start off by saying I got interested in going lucid about a few months ago. I started reading alot on this forum, Ive tried the MILD technique a few times to no avail so I started concentrating more on my reality checks throughout the day.

Last night I told myself a few time that "I was going to have a lucid dream" and kept remembering my reality checks. i wasnt sleeping real good woke up a few times to use the bathroom. After the third time at 6am I went back to sleep I was too tired and wasn't concentrating on it happening, but then it did!!

To not keep it too long I was already dreaming. I was walking around the a mall it was HUGE!!! like 30 floors high! There were alot of people walking around and the mall was swaying back and forth like it was a huge ship in the air! I went in line at one of the stores and 9 people jumped in front of me lol I said forget this and continued to walk around looking at everything. It's amazing how something could be so ridiculous but our minds tell us nothing is out of the ordinary. But has I kept walking I had a moment of clarity i remembered my reality check pushing my finger in my palm and nothing happened!?! I read about this before and people said to try something else so I pinched myself nothing then I jumped in the air to fly and I took off!!! fyi I've flown in alot of my dreams before I have very good control over it and they're my best dreams!! As I was flying around the mall I was looking at the people and noticed 2 girls walking, I looked over at one of the stores it was the same 2 girls they were copies! I landed down at a table and started talking to people sitting there.

I then continued jumping through the halls of the mall which were about 30ft wide and 50ft high! When I came upon a store with a few people standing outside, 2 girls and a guy. The one girl said I can do that too. So she started jumping about 20-30 ft high too! I followed her for a bit and thought of other cool things I could do. I held out my hand, focused, and conjured up a fireball! It was wild seeing it materialize and then I threw it, I did that a few more times then we went back to the strore. I asked how they could do the same things I could and they said it's because they were lucid too! :shock: They walked into the store and I followed them. They asked if I wanted to go do drugs with them I said no, I thought its a dream why would i want todo drugs? Then I woke up!

I was excited and I quickly laid down in hopes to continue which I did! It felt like I immediately got sucked down back into the store. The one girl and guy were sitting in the chairs talking. I did a reality check of pushing my finger through my palm it failed before but this time I had my hand sideways more and the tip of my finger went right through my hand like silly putty then came out the back! :shock: It was crazy seeing that then everything instantly became clear, intense and vivid again. I did the check twice more just to make sure. The girl and the guy were still sitting on the couch talking and I got a little freaked out because they looked real like you and I but they were in my mind..I thought if im lucid I should be able to wake myself up right? So I started spinning then I stopped..nothing happened. I turned around and they both were staring at me! The guy asks her "what's he doing?" the girl replies "Hes trying to wake up.". :o i couldn't believe that they said that! I walked over and sat down I felt a little :oops: and asked what happened to the other girl? The girl said "oh Gia? She passed away about an hour ago." I thought to myself wow! I guess when they went off and did drugs she did too much. About the time though i was awake a few mins when I went back to sleep so I know sleep time is different than awake. Its a lot slower so what could be a few mins in the real world could be hours in a dream. I then asked them so you guys are dreaming just like me? she replied "Yes you can look me up when you get out of here" she told me her name which I don't remember and that she lived in a town in Texas...maybe bentleyville or somthing but the only part I really remembered was Texas. I said goodbye and walked out the store.

When i walked out the store there was a really slow beautiful snowfall light falling down, with light patches of snow on the ground. I turned right and started walking and 2 guys behind me yelled over and said "hey do you have any money you can spare?" I replied "no" he said "come on i just need a few buck" and then right in front of me 4-5 high end cars, lamborghini, porsche etc pulled up and few guys got out. The guys behind me said they're trying to rob us and they got ready to defend while the the guys in front jumped up in the air at as all matrix like, then my girlfriend bumped me and I woke up. :shock:

I didnt mind though cause once I woke up I was very excitied and couldn't go back to sleep. I just thought everything that happened and it just blew my mind. The 2 things that stuck out to me the most was when I did the reality check a few times and everything shot into clarity! It was crazy seeing your hand as you normally see it in waking life and being able to push your finger through it and having it give like silly putty!!! This reality check failed for me before but what works now is turning my hand sideways so my palm is facing to the right and pushing my finger in through there and seeing my fingernail coming out the back. The second thing was when I was spinning and trying to wake up and I interupted the conversation between the people behind me the guy asking the girl "whats he doing?" and her repsonding "trying to wake up!" just like the were people in real life!

I guess with those people I was talking to and the people at the very end getting out of the cars were the other "lucid dreamers" in my dream..who knows maybe I stumbled upon a dreamscape where LDers can go to hang out, talk, or battle or play games like at the end of the dream. Cause if you could drive any type of car in your dream it would be the most expensive ones that you problably dont have in waking life.
Or I just had a really creative first LD! :D

Sorry it was so long but I wanted to fully share what I experienced with everyone. Now I'm eagerly awaiting my next Lucid Dream!!

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Re: FIRST TIME LUCID!!!With other Lucid Dreamers??

Postby Kman43759 » 15 Sep 2013 21:29

Wow awesome! What do you do to help yourself remember your dreams?

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Re: FIRST TIME LUCID!!!With other Lucid Dreamers??

Postby napper9606 » 16 Sep 2013 20:03

Once i'm lucid in a dream it's pretty easy to remember cause i'm consciously aware. Like what I did earlier that day. But if I lose the lucid it's now challenging to remember.

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Re: FIRST TIME LUCID!!!With other Lucid Dreamers??

Postby taniaaust1 » 20 Sep 2013 13:01

Cool dream. Pity you didnt remember the name to try to look it up, I suggest next time something like that occurs (if it does) to wake yourself up right after you are given the others personal details so you can write them straight down. Mutual dreaming isnt very common but can happen (Ive only had one mutual dream which the other remembered as well and also one mutual astral projection experience at an AP meeting place).

Congrats on your successful attempt to get back into your dream. That's always a handy skill to master.
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Re: FIRST TIME LUCID!!!With other Lucid Dreamers??

Postby VingTsun » 23 Sep 2013 16:49

Best first lucid dream I've ever heard. I wish i could last this long in a LD
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