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Postby Magenta » 18 Sep 2013 08:05

IamSam7 wrote:
Magenta wrote:
IamSam7 wrote:@magenta
That sounds rather brilliant. Creating and working on your characters in your stories as you Dream. I wish I had thought of that, but I'll probably have to work on Lucid Dreaming a little more before that. I still am not that experienced at Lucid Dreaming.

Yeah. I mean, it'd be one thing to merely work on it while sleeping, but to access that particular part of your subconscious by summoning your own characters and talking to them in the flesh...I almost want to say you're literally conversing with them for real, and maybe you are in this case. I'll probably need months of training, though, as currently I've never had a successful MILD/WILD and while my recall has skyrocketed in the past few weeks, I haven't had a conscious dream in about two. :cry:

I haven't had a lucid dream in the fact that I'm aware that I'm dreaming in awhile. I mean I can remember my dreams as clearly as if i was there, the problem is I did think I was there. Lol. Which in its own way is still actually really awesome until you wake up and realize its a dream, to think your actually part of what you can vision through dreaming. Like In my most recent dreams, I battled a god, I mean it was an intence battle. We destroyed the entire region we were in, and even brought the battle into the atmoshpere. I was like some kinda superhuman. And later on I dream't that I was a Jedi battling Sith. In its own way that is still pretty amazing to dream so vividly that you believe what your dreaming. But yeah I think I still need lots of training before I could be aware of the fact that I am in a dream and create through that.

Ah. Yeah, "lucid" strictly refers to dreams where you're aware you're dreaming, but it definitely sounds like you've had some vivid ones, haha. Both of those sound pretty good. Maybe half of the LDs I'd like to have in the future would be completely fantastical and adventure-filled like that. I have a feeling battling a god of any kind would be as intense as it gets. I must admit that one of my biggest goals as far as the "gaming" side of LD goes is to join the Red Lanterns. I have a feeling that wouldn't disappoint. :ugeek:

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