Hmm, Guess I should introduce myself.

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Hmm, Guess I should introduce myself.

Postby Majikart » 23 Dec 2011 10:06

Hello all, I think this should've been my first topic since I'm new to this website and the forum instead of my first experience that I posted earlier(Success!+Tim Burton movie) :oops: So, This is Officially the first one, My name's Brian, My user name is Majikart and I've been fascinated with lucid dreaming and astral projection for quite a long time and like it says in my earlier post, I was Very excited about my rescent attempt, I'm not really sure about how everyone feels about supplementally-assisted lucid dreaming as described in Steven Laberge's book, I for one wanted to do it at will, naturally and without putting my health at risk, But I felt that I wasn't getting very far after several years until the so-called 'Dream pills' were brought to my attention and that was the turning point; I still looked out for my health and started doing my homework on these supplements, My health is top priority.
Anyway, Just wanted to say ''hello'' to everyone and apologize for the unnanounced fly-by, any comments and suggestion would be greatly appreciated and I hope my feedback will be beneficial, Happy Holidays.

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Re: Hmm, Guess I should introduce myself.

Postby shawn » 26 Dec 2011 04:20

Hi brian

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