Benefits of LD

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Benefits of LD

Postby whattimeisit » 03 Nov 2013 19:48

Ive been reading that you can use lucid dreaming as a tool for problem solving, self-healing, and personal growth? How does that work? What else is it good for?

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Re: Benefits of LD

Postby Highlander » 03 Nov 2013 21:49

This is a question that needs for a huge answer. I recomend you read books about this. Stephen LaBerge and Robert Waggoner have great books about this.
But, to make a story short, when you lucid dream, your body is relaxed, so your mind is fully commited to heal you, to show you answers, it's more susceptible for you to access some forgotten memories, go deep into your subconscious...

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Re: Benefits of LD

Postby KungFuPanther » 08 Nov 2013 05:12

Lucid Dreaming is like going straight into the programing of your brain and seeing how it works. Every hope and imagination can be accessed and amplified in a lucid dream. If you are afraid of something you can permanently remove that fear from your mind. If you want to learn a new fine motor skill (martial arts, gymnastics, parkour, skateboarding, etc.) you can develop muscle memory by practicing it in your dreams.

You can be anything you want to be. And everything is totally original everytime, because your subconcious mind is building the dreamscape. You can alter it, but there will always be something to surprise you. It is not harmful, and all of your 5 senses (or even more!) are boosted during this time because the brain is in gamma mode (it is usually in alpha-beta mode). So basically you become a genius. Have a problem? find 5 million original ways to fix it in a lucid dream, then apply it to real life.

I am a novelist and am attempting to lucid dream for original elements in my book.

So really, there is no limit to what you can do in a lucid dream. Or the benefits. So give it a try, and stick with it :) Any questions and you just ask :)
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