[WILD] How EXACLTY Do You Keep Consciousness While Your Body

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Re: [WILD] How EXACLTY Do You Keep Consciousness While Your

Postby KungFuPanther » 12 Nov 2013 22:39

Here you go Summerlander: http://www.world-of-lucid-dreaming.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=2&t=13950
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Re: [WILD] How EXACLTY Do You Keep Consciousness While Your

Postby Summerlander » 14 Nov 2013 21:28

I read it. It turns out to have been a DILD. If you really want to nail the WILD or even the separation from the body technique, I can coach you. In sleep paralysis, try a method of separation. If strange sounds, vibrations, or images arise, be sure to amplify them then separate at their peak. Just go for it. Don't leave it too long and don't be so concerned with how it's going to feel. Just separate from the perceived sleeping body.

You may be leaving it for too long, passing up many opportunities, and then it gets to the point where the window to the lucid dream state has become so narrow that it is practically impossible to induce it from the waking standpoint. Adrenaline pumps as the brain reinforces its connections with the sensory organs, countervailing your lucid dream inducement. You get bored, tired, a little paralysis or numbness may panic you, and all these factors may contribute to your palpitations, sweat, and temperature.

You need to relax. Instead of waking up from sleep, staying active, and then going down to try the method immediately, do the following instead (to begin with):

1) Sleep for 6 hours
2) Stay up for about 15 minutes (Read about lucid dreaming, it helps)
3) Return to bed and FALL ASLEEP again (you didn't see this coming) and do it with intention to have a lucid dream.
4) Catch an awakening and separate immediately (do it without thinking about it, just move and don't worry about moving physically, move the phantom body)
5) If separation fails, relax and start cycling through techniques (i.e. if images arise watch them like a panorama and do not examine details at this stage or they will vanish - you may be engulfed by vivid dream scenery or jump into it whilst lucid; if sounds arise, amplify them; if vibrations arise, amplify them). 6)Spend about 5 seconds on each technique, eg. visualisation, listening in, phantom wiggling... - whichever starts to wield results, stick with it and amplify. Four cycles of three different techniques is enough and should take you no longer than a minute. Once a sensation is amplified...
7) Attempt to separate again. If you fail and it's been more than a minute, FALL ASLEEP with intention again. Catch the next awakening in order to separate immediately.

If you nail separation as soon as you wake up, you save yourself having to faff with techniques. You should only resort to cycling through techniques once separation has failed. Separation comes first. Bear in mind that if you fall asleep, you may become lucid while dreaming - in which case, there is no need to return to the body in order to separate, the desired state has already been achieved (albeit via the DILD method).

Good luck! :P
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Re: [WILD] How EXACLTY Do You Keep Consciousness While Your

Postby Jackson » 10 Jan 2014 04:25

Here's how I do it, specifically as possible. I simply wait and focus entirely on the dream I want to have. I visualize myself in the dream, lucid and moving, looking around. I find that as I do this I naturally fall asleep and into the dream. Eventually, after vibration/ hypnagogic flying over scenery, I will see a dreamscape ahead of me and I will see myself in it. Then I just sort of imagine myself seeing from the perspective of the dream me ahead, and usually I sort of zoom in and I am lucid, in a vivid dreamscape.

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Re: [WILD] How EXACLTY Do You Keep Consciousness While Your

Postby Creator » 18 Feb 2014 23:03

Wow! I can't believe this has 4 pages.

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