a story of murder rats

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a story of murder rats

Postby d.conn3 » 17 Nov 2013 15:33

I need help

I just had a really bad dream. my mom was telling me a story of an old man who she saw on the bus one day and after seeing him everyday she wrote a long poem about him (I forget what it was) but she told it to me and all I can remember was that he always reapeated the words "shimyshack"in a scratchy, whisper voice, in the same poem. later on in the story I learn that the man was a convicted child molester and he becomes a murderer throughout the story, as I whitness him murdering the people around me fallowing me everywhere.

then the story fogs up and ends..

in a different but somehow similar dream my mom tell her story of her living in new York in the early 1940s. and there were demented and almost demonic white rats and they were everywhere you look, always trying to attack you aside from the other rats there was another rat which looked like a mouse that was patient and calm. he had become my moms close friend they would talk for hours. then my mom told me the story of how all the rats became mean and demented. there was a snake biting a rat giving him some kind of virus. and this spread to all the other rats. her friend mouse/rat was the only one left. she had also written a long poem about this too but I can not remember wat it was. and then one day her friend was bitten by the snake and became like all the others. then it ends.

what could this mean?

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Re: a story of murder rats

Postby passingthrutime » 11 Aug 2014 14:30

I'm no expert but here my thought. It sound's like the same story with different symbol's(except your mom writing poems, which she does at the end of both dreams)

you should ask yourself what each symbol represent , then you may understand why you dreamt this, but heres my opinion.

Your mother is the mouse and your caretaker so You= Mouse
in the first story , pedophile is killing everyone around you and following you then end. Similarly, the snake is infecting mice like you mothers turning them to vicious rats and in the end,infects mom's mouse Snake=Murderer

again , just a thought I had, ultimately you'll have to decide yourself what this dream is representing

Also,when your mother told these stories did you only hear words or could you see it as she told you?

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