I'm new, and I have a few questions regarding the dreams..

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I'm new, and I have a few questions regarding the dreams..

Postby Shay4t5 » 21 Nov 2013 04:49

Hey, So a small bit about myself (in case it has anything to do with lucid dreaming), I grew up in a christian family but left 4 years ago and am living on my own (I'm 18).

Anyhow, I have BPD which may affect it, with suicidal thoughts and depression/anxiety.

I take pills to sleep, (seroquel), only 50mg along with magnesium.

I've been doing a lot of research about this, mainly because I want to meet my (deseased) dad, even if it is only imagination.

I know it's basically all to do with control. But what if the dream turns into a nightmare? Or like a bad trip (Only did mushrooms and had a bad trip). Or what if it turns into sleep paralysis? I'm a bit paranoid about that, and I want to avoid it.

And is Lucid dreaming the same as out-of-body experience? What's the difference? And whats the difference in getting into Lucid dreaming and the OBE?

Thanks :)

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Re: I'm new, and I have a few questions regarding the dreams

Postby torakrubik » 22 Nov 2013 02:04

There are plenty of ways to turn lucid nightmares into pleasant dreams. Once you realise it's just a dream, you can take control of the situation. A tried and tested trick (though I've never done this myself) is to project love and positive feelings into the nightmare/ evil dream character.
As for the difference between an LD and an OBE, well that's a subject of much debate and you will find lucid dreamers on this forum, both beginners and experienced, with contrary views. Personally I believe that an OBE is simply a subtype of lucid dream, and current scientific research would prove no more than that. However I recommend you read the articles about OBEs on this website and perhaps try to induce one for yourself and see what you think.

Good luck and don't worry :)
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Re: I'm new, and I have a few questions regarding the dreams

Postby HAGART » 22 Nov 2013 02:29

Fear is a big obstacle in the lucid dream state.
I'm not going to lie; if you have fear you may see some fearful things.

But how do you overcome that? What is fear?

The only way to conquer fear is with courage. You gotta face it, and think about what the worst case scenario could be and deal with it.

I fear heights, airplanes, spiders, and... talking to g-g-g-irls! :oops:
(They're all irrational phobias, but I face them in my lucid dreams. One day, I will ride an airplane, look down out the window with a tarantula on my shoulder, flirting with a cute stewardess!)

You admit you are BiPolar, and I'll admit I have General Anxiety Disorder. I'll open up if anyone else does.

I think my fears are common though. Heights and spiders we can all agree are abominations of nature! :lol: But for some reason those pretty girls make me lose my ability to talk and I might as well be farting out my mouth and they give me strange looks! :lol: :cry:
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Re: I'm new, and I have a few questions regarding the dreams

Postby taniaaust1 » 30 Nov 2013 11:13

BPD usually stands for borderline personality disorder, it is different to bipolar being its classified as a personality disorder rather then a true psych illness.


As far as sleep paralysis goes.. IF (a big IF as many people never get it) you do get it.. you can just break it by trying to wiggle a physical finger or toe (rather then trying to move the whole body which wont break it). Its no big deal, everyone gets sleep paralyses naturally during the night when asleep (other wise they would be sleep walking all over the place)

If the LD goes back.. you can change the dream, if ignore what is going on knowing its just a dream... or if you have to, wake yourself up.

LD is a state in which is half between the sleep state (normal dream state) and the full wake state with both these coming together and the subconsciousness manifesting.

An OBE is just a different state to the physical reality but can be a full wake state.. it is thou possible to be OBE but also dreaming just as its possible to be awake during ones daily life and start "day dreaming". With an OBE one doesnt have to have any of the subconciousness manifesting so hence not a dream state as such (so in that respect can be more like an awake state but in a place which holds different rules as far as existance goes eg you can float, you can go from one place to another almost instantly) etc

Everyone goes OBE during the night (so its natural too) but arent usually aware of it as they are usually only aware of their dream state.

Anyway..there can be a lot of cross over between the two states and that can make many end up thinking they are the same thing. There are differences thou, think "dreaming" for LD and for OBE, it can instead be checking out the astral plane of reality so one can go and check on things which are going on in real life which arent dream things.
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