right before going to bed, what can I do?

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Re: right before going to bed, what can I do?

Postby taniaaust1 » 04 Dec 2013 22:49

Summerlander wrote:Are you sure it's 45 minutes for you, tania? I'm only saying this because even a minute can feel like an eternity when you are lying down. If indeed that is your case, I can coach you to reach the state in much lesser time.

Anyway, the ranges of time I speak of come from research with thousands of subjects and are, thus, generalised. There is no sense in refusing to sleep until something happens - in fact, this can be detrimental to one's practice and can case disillusionment with the whole phenomenon in many beginners.

At the OOBE Research Center we call the method of induction without any prior sleep the "direct method." It is the most challenging for the novice which is why we advise them to master the "indirect" one first. Trust, the stastics show that you can have far more experiences this way. (So I am not just saying it is applicable to my experience, but, in fact, to thousands of others.

Another thing I'd like to add: many experienced practitioners stick to the easiest methods.

Yeah.. its often at least 45mins... sometimes way longer eg 1hr 15mins. I do look at the clock after Ive been there for what seems like forever to check the time at times.

I do do what you say isnt good. force myself to do it. Use my will power to do it and tell myself I cant sleep till I do. IF it doesnt succede and I then I get way too tired, I then bring myself closer to getting a LD by telling myself I'll just go to sleep .. roll out of my on back LD position and intent to go to sleep but know I often enter a LD before Im asleep in this case (after the intense determination that I will LD).

I think we need to be careful when going by what certain schools of thought say as often the belief in whatever ones are taught, is enough to find whatever one was told happens. Have you ever noticed in the field of LD that one school of thought may say one thing while another may say something very different. I think its cause with LD things often are following whatever one believes or has been taught. Belief can work for one but it also may work against one too if it places blocks like people thinking a certain way is hard (it then can only then make that way harder).

If indeed that is your case, I can coach you to reach the state in much lesser time.

Occassionaly I do LD WILD very fast eg within 10 mins it all depends on my state at the time and knowing Im in the right state (there is a knack to that which I still need to master) but usually its around 45mins.

Id be very interested in how I can be coached to consistantly reach the state in a much less time?

Note.. Ive had severe multiple sleep disorders including severe circardian rhythm disorder (non 24hr sleep/wake disorder, completely reversed sleep cycle (DSPS), frequent night time awakenings and been on multiple drugs for all that at times .. at one point I was on 3 different drugs for my sleep and dont want to end back up back on benzos etc for sleep), so its not wise for me to be waking up in middle of night or disturbing my sleep. (Due to my very poor health state I often need 9-11hrs of good sleep to be able to be okay functionally on top of this). My brainwaves from my EEGs arent normal either (abnormal when Im in a relaxed state with eyes shut so I can only assume they are abnormal too when Im asleep. I dont know if that would all give me abnormal REM cycles etc).

When I first wake up in the morning, Im often very eager to get out of bed by that point (sometimes by then Ive been in bed for 15hrs (I often end up in bed, sometimes falling asleep around 5-6pm or anytime thereafter).. with my health Im half bedbound.. so really are feeling like I need to be moving around and get up in the morning when I awake so hence why I dont do LD then. Its highly irritating to keep staying in bed at that point when Im feeling like I could be doing things and I need to move.

Im currently gone from the other sleep disorders and shifted and now seem to be getting Narcolespy at night from around 5pm onwards, cant stay awake, falling asleep SUDDENLY (i dont even know when Im about to fall asleep) while trying to do things..so hence right now arent even doing LD but plan to get back to in the new year. I guess I could be trying to LD still right before sleep but just feel far too tired and exhausted currently and right now as I said, Im even currenly unaware most of the time when Im going to suddenly fall asleep.. but just before bed seems to be my most suitable time to be doing LD (or during the day). Right now Im back to only having spontanous LDs during the night when asleep (I think Ive had about 4 ..maybe 5.. spontanous LDs the past month which seem to be happening right in the middle of the night).

Anyway.. what steps do you think I should take in which wont affect my health negatively as far as LD goes and having a LD faster then usually 45mins? Thanks

(I think lucidinthe sky may of said that WILD takes her a time to do as well).

Another thing I'd like to add: many experienced practitioners stick to the easiest methods.

Maybe or maybe not. I think it all would depend on what they want to do eg some people may not be content in just doing LD during the night but may want full ability over the skill and be able to do it during the day too.

That is how I think with things, with anything I do.. I dont like to have restrictions on what I do and to be able to feel like Ive mastered something, I dont like time limitations put onto something esp when it comes with doing with the subconciousness in which habits formed and thoughts put onto things become important.

I used to get LD very easily, no problems right after when I woke up in the morning. I purposely went to trying to master doing this at any time at all. Why? you may think... it was because I wanted to feel and know I truely mastered this skill. I saw it as a challenge. To my surprise then I found I could do it 50% of the time during the day (if I'd listened to those at this website I would of never tried it in the first place and would of never found out that I could do that). I dont think my experience with LD made much difference with this as during it during the day is completely different to how I do it if Im doing it first thing in the morning after waking up. Completely different LD technique
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