most amazing thing you've done in a dream?

Tell us about your first lucid dream - and your latest. We want all the juicy details. Also share results of dream challenge experiments.
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most amazing thing you've done in a dream?

Postby marichriaddi » 12 Jan 2014 11:55

I have been dreaming lucidly since I was about 20 years old...
some of the most amazing things I've done in a dream was
visit with my cousin who died in 2006 and other people who died.
fight off cops or "bad guys" with martial arts that I never studied.
fly with amazing skill and speed.
breathe underwater.
fly through walls.
but the most amazing thing a lucid dream ever did was let me know that I was going to have twin boys. i was at a huge gathering called a powwow. i saw my cousin who passed away in 2006. i saw other people i knew of that passed away in 2005. i realized i was at a powwow on the other side. i saw my cousin sitting in bleachers and i sat next to him. i saw he was holding a baby boy. and i immediately wanted to hold his baby b/c i was so happy for him being a daddy! he gave me the boy and i realized it was the tiniest little baby boy i ever seen. i knew i was pregnant at the time, but it wasn't until a week later at my doc appointment that i found out i was having twins and then at 20 weeks, i found out it was twin boys. coincidence? has anybody else had something amazing and unexplainable happen to them as a result of a lucid dream???

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Re: most amazing thing you've done in a dream?

Postby Highlander » 22 Jan 2014 17:18

I had 2 or 3 lucid dreams that i was at another planet. The scenario was amazing, so beautiful, with trees, ocean and lots of color. I say that it was another planet because the sky was a bright purple and had more than 1 moon.
On some of those dreams, i felt like i was another person, but i also felt that i belong there.

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