Transferring waking conscience to dream conscience

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Transferring waking conscience to dream conscience

Postby Enter_DreamS » 11 Jan 2012 12:52

I'm sure most people who are new to lucid dreaming, are having this issue. It's to deal with how to make ourselves aware we are dreaming, despite it feeling like reality.

The thing is, I realise now that I am not dreaming, because my conscience tells me I am awake. I can't push my finger through a table.

However when I go to sleep and dream, it feels real. No matter what weirdness I see in a dream I never question it.

What I want to know is what is the best way, to transfer your awake mentality into your dream mentality? In other words, what is the best way to become conscious in a dream? I know that WILD is a good technique but I can't really use it since I need my sleep. So I'm currently fixed on the DILD technique, I already use reality checks in my awake state, but I always forget to use them in my dream state because I'm not aware enough to do it.

I have recurring dreamsigns also, but whenever I spot them in a dream I don't realise they are dreamsigns, and therefore don't preform a reality check and realise I am dreaming.

Do I just need to wait and allow my conscious to wake by itself in a dream eventually, when the time is right? Or is there some sort of knack to it, that the more experienced lucid dreamers know?
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