Dream recall

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Dream recall

Postby Cycledreamer » 06 Feb 2014 17:28

Hello All,
While I am not entirely new to lucid dreaming, I have not made the effort for some time. I have experienced a few lucid dreams in my past, but I have consistently found great difficulty in remembering my dreams. As I am just very recently making the effort to recommit to awakening in my dreams, two things are occurring on a nightly basis that seem to be hindering me. I would appreciate any input from this forum. The first difficulty is that I have become aware that I am either judging my dreams as very boring, or alternatively, I really don't like the person that I often am in dreaming life. This seems to lead to an ability on my part to simply choose to not remember these boring or unpleasant experiences. The second difficulty is a physical one, and it appears to be the more impactful on my recall. Every time I begin to awaken, I have what seems to be an involuntary physical response that is a cross between stretching and clenching most of my body, in particular my calves. This action drives my dream memories from my mind even as I am emerging enough to begin to recall them. My sense is that these two challenges may be in some ways connected.

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