Swimming with white sharks

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Swimming with white sharks

Postby Oolencha » 07 Feb 2014 00:28

I found myself at a beach, not very big . it was surrounded on each site by rocks , and the water was very calm. it was night and the sky was cloudless, and i was able to see little stars shining. the moon gave me enough light so se everything clear and somehow i was able to feel how the moonlight was helping me to enter in a state of total relaxation. i went into the water, and not a single wave was to see as far as i could look. after a while swimming in this incredibly tranquilizing dream, i went underneath the water and started to dive. i was able to breathe freely underwater , although i didnt knew that it was a dream. so i went on diving and noticed how clear i was able to see my surroundings, and how vivid the sensation of the water on my skin was. now comes the more interesting part of my dream. i noticed after a short while that waves started to create at the surface going into the shores direction. i was surprised but not shocked when i saw a great white shark near the surface letting himself being carried by the big wave. i was so amazed by the sceneria. i was always a fan of sharks , but it was my first time seeing one so close ( it was about 5-10 metres away from me). i saw his intimidating teeth and his huge body. he didnt show any interest towards me and drifted away with the wave. suddenly i noticed something coming closer from the open sea. i was surprised aother time as i saw how another white shark came directly towards my position. he was still far away and he was also as calm as the other shark. i didnt move an inch, and i wasnt even scared, just totaly amazed as the huge shark with his massive body swimmed less than 2 metres away from me . i was able to see so many details, little scarrs and hishuge teeth, his white belly and his enormous size compared to me. he passed me by not even looking at me and i carried on asdmiring him until he as out of sight. i knew that in this dream nothing better could happen so i let myself go, took a deep breath and surfaced at the top of the water. a wave , not very big, caught me up while i was still looking totaly relaxed into the nightsky and brought me back to the shore. it dropped me off on the still wet sand with such a delicacy that i thought i was lying on a comfortable bed... soon after that i woke up.

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