self awareness technique

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self awareness technique

Postby jamesbrian » 06 Feb 2014 10:28

hello guys.i just have one important question that bothers me alot and makes me think alots.what is the relation between self awareness and looking at the surrounding environment and study it in detail >does self awareness only means to be more acknowledge of myself not the environment more aware of my feelings of my own emotions .why in self awareness technique i supposed to look at the enviroment that surround me what does the environment give me about myself? plzz help me in that question as i think im not mastering that technique at all and not mastering it

thankss in advance

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Re: self awareness technique

Postby Jackson » 09 Feb 2014 07:07

I personally think being "self-aware" is when you essentially question everything you do. You do not have to be particularly aware of your environment to be self aware, although usually one whose is truly self-aware tends to notice very small details that for the most part go unnoticed.

When you are self-aware, you also seem to develop this calmness, because instead of you becoming a slave to your emotions which we do quite frequently, you analyze as an external observer, you see yourself feeling these emotions but you don't relate to them.

So essentially being self-aware is just getting outside your thoughts an instead becoming an alien observer, watching these dramatic flow of emotions and thoughts and desires, but it is like you are watching someone else feel these things and therefore you are not affected, you merely analyze.

Hope that helped :D

BTW can you please clarify what you are saying because frankly, I have very little idea what you are saying.
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