Those days when you RC every 5 minutes

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Those days when you RC every 5 minutes

Postby Vonozar » 11 Feb 2014 06:47

Today sooo many strange things happened which left me doing reality checks very often. One of the head directors at my school was chilling out behind the counters of the coffee shop in a full suit and tie picking up each one of the pastries (which were on plates so it wasn't hugely unsanitary but...) and commenting on it's decorations. Reality check. Then when I was walking to class, I walked by this guy dressed in a full on wizard costume out of a movie or something. Another RC. Then later in the day I was at the bank with my mom and brother. As we were driving in to park, this 78 year old lady (we had to take this to the cops for insanely reckless driving, who looked her up. XD ) came speeding into the parking lot in the wrong direction and nearly hit our car. The roads are covered in snow and ice, so it's very easy to loose control. She came about a foot and a half from our car, then stopped IN THE DRIVEWAY going the wrong direction, parked her car, got out, and went into the bank. That triggered a reality check (and a near heart attack! :shock: ). The entrance to the bank is very narrow and since she was blocking the way we had to wait for her to move. When she came back out she got in her car, stared at us, then started screaming at us. Another reality check. She then proceeded to turn on her car, rev the engine, and lurch the car at us. We all pulled out our phones and began recording this, and when she saw them she quickly backed up, got into the correct side, and drove off. Another reality check. The whole day has been really, really weird. And while I'm writing about it... *does reality check*. What do you think? Are these really odd days good for LDing as it causes you to do more RCs, or are they bad because the day residue may cause you to more easily accept odd dream situations as a bit less odd. For example, would it be easier to think "It's been a weird day, so this is nothing out of the ordinary." and shrug it off, or would you be more likely to do reality checks because you've been doing them all day? This doesn't happen all that often (this being really strange days) to me, so I don't have many experiences to go off of to predict whether this is a good thing or a bad thing. :?

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