For Peoples 1st Dream

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For Peoples 1st Dream

Postby kymberlyann » 26 Feb 2014 17:45

Don't Be Afraid, this is something ive had now for 10 years. and over time u learn how to control it, every time i dream its a lucid dream. the upside to this is being able to change the course of your dream, be and do anything you want, (It took me a few years to control my own). Sometimes is hard, sometimes its easy, it all depends on how strong minded you are to be in control of your own dream and any thing that takes place in that dream.

When Its a nightmare you must remember you are in control of that dream, nothing can scare or surprise you as long as you don't let it, if you are scared and imagine being chased by a monster then YOU WILL BE CHASED!! i know its hard not to imagine such things when you clearly in a night mare but that's when u got to be strong minded and take control. This is how i learned to control Lucid dreams.

Everyone is different and handles these dreams different, but when u lucid dream everything that takes place is all up to you.

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