Physical sensations crossing over from dream-world

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Physical sensations crossing over from dream-world

Postby What?! » 13 Mar 2014 12:00

Last night I dreamt, I didn't recall much of the dream, just the last bit before I woke up.

I am rushing around, running somewhere. I have no idea where I'm going or why exactly I'm in a rush. At some point I'm running through a massive car park, like the ones you see around airports. The sky is overcast with white clouds. As I'm zig-zagging through the parked cars I bump into a man who's trying to get to his car. The man is carrying a big box, some shopping bags and a big inflatable animal. After I bump into him I keep rushing, trying to make my way to the exit of the car park that leads to the street.
In the last moments before I wake I notice that, due to the rushing there's a burning sensation on the ball of my right foot, as if I have a scrape wound there, I'm also walking with a heavy limp at this point.

As I wake up I still clearly feel the burning sensation in my foot, so I do a RC because I figure it's a FA, but it isn't. The burning sensation lasted for at least another 1 - 2 minutes after waking.. although it wasn't as intense as the dream anymore I could still identify it as the same pain I dreamt about.

Have you ever had a sensation (or other sensory stimulus) in a dream that was still present for a while after waking up?

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Re: Physical sensations crossing over from dream-world

Postby HeadlessScorpio » 13 Mar 2014 15:36

Maybe it was your foot hurting in real life not the dream. Maybe your foot was really in pain. Sometimes noises and pain can cross into your dream. Like if your alarm clock sounded and you heard it while dreaming :)
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Re: Physical sensations crossing over from dream-world

Postby taniaaust1 » 20 Mar 2014 10:21

Maybe in real life something bit your foot (you could of had a spider in the bed). Ive had a few occassions where something my physical body was experiencing while asleep, impacted into one of my dreams.

or sometimes we can be still be not quite awake when we wake up.. not a FA but in like a partly between state.. more awake but could still be feeling dream imput eg 90% awake with 10% crossover into a dream state. Those of us who do WILD can sometimes experience being between dream and awake state in which one can be feeling dream stuff upon the physical body while physically awake. (Its not all the unusual).
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