Meeting new people/Going to new places

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Meeting new people/Going to new places

Postby Juggernaut625 » 17 Mar 2014 00:17

Hello all. I wan't to write here to just ask a general question, if anyone knows why I feel like this after having these kind of dreams (Going to a new place/school, meeting new people)

I moved away from my family and moved to Italy, the houses were all pushed up against a wall, you could still walk behind the houses though (there was a walkway). It felt as if the walkway was "Segregated" from mainstream society, and while I was walking down it there was some steps going up. I walked up them and followed another pathway leading me right. I walk through some dense bush and then there's suddenly this REALLY high-class school. I walked up to it but it was after-school times so I just looked around. It felt REALLY weird, like this is where I should actually be (And we all know dreams are made up of memories and built on feelings, right?) Well anyways, I walked away and walked back down the steps to be waken up by a whistling noise coming through my window (Damn wind). The dream itself kept me awake thinking about it for around 15 minutes, before I got back to sleep. Luckily, I was literally just where I left off. I was walking up the steps again to the school but this time it was open and there was a lot of people there. I walked in and seen this girl, man she was hot. I went up to her and started talking. For some reason we didn't even bother with the school, we just walked back to the steps holding hands. When I got to the bottom of the stairs, I turned around and was in a completely different dream-scenario - Me and the girl were on a lighthouse island with a little home disclosed from the rest of the world. I felt so many physical feelings I don't usually feel, like the wind blowing on my face, the sun shining on me, my feet hitting the ground. Soon after that I was woke to my parents opening my blinds... It was such a good dream and when I woke up I really got inspired to move to Italy to find my girl and that school.

I always feel like I just need to do something when I have these kind of dreams... It's so hard to deal with, any suggestions?

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Re: Meeting new people/Going to new places

Postby taniaaust1 » 20 Mar 2014 10:07

It was such a good dream and when I woke up I really got inspired to move to Italy to find my girl and that school.

I personally do not think you should think of going to italy just due to this dream! Its a dream.. that school probably isnt even in italy nor that girl.

To try to work out what this dream means.. think about what italy represents to you?

It felt as if the walkway was "Segregated" from mainstream society

This probably represents that you feel like this or are segregated in some way from being mainstream. Same with the lighthouse island...

Schools represent some kind of learning taking place.
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