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Re: lucid goals encouragement

Postby taniaaust1 » 26 Mar 2014 22:41

Kirito wrote:Oh goodness no! Not 120 attempts! It was probably like 25 attempts. It was just after I hit 120 LDs. gotta watch the wording on forums or people will think I am a creep. I always tried to stay away from sex in LDs! Much easier in waking to have successful awesome sex. ;) I use LDing for exploring! I mean... Exploring other things. :P

I rarely fail at things in LDs anymore, not since I learned how to fly. People act like flying is the easiest thing ever, but it took me a while. My DG has helped me with that. If i really struggle with something he seems to come out and give me a new perspective. His perspective on flying aplies to all dream control and i haven't "failed" at much dream control since he gave that to me. I have only seen him 3 times BTW. I think that DGs are just consistent DCs that we make up, but they are useful! Good luck finding a guide. I think that it would be easier if you just believedin ghides and that they show up randomly. That expectation should leak over. :)

Im not after a "dream" guide as such (Im not after a DC my subconciousness has made up) but hoping to connect to one of my true guides in a dream seeing I cant manage to connect with them in other ways eg meditation.. Ive tried for over 10 years, I even did weekly classes in mediumship for over 2 years and still didnt connect to one of my guides (thou I channelled very occassionally a being but it was never the same one). I do believe in guides and have for a very very long time but for some reason this hasnt helped me connect to my guides. (Whenever I have had a guide help me, its been one of the masters eg Jesus .. but surely I must have lower level guides then this).

I even work with the angels during healing but I still cant connect to just "my guide". I wonder why this has been so elusive to me esp seeing many would see me as being gifted.. so why havent I been able to do that? (maybe Im not supposed too for some reason? ..that's the only thing I can come up with which makes sense why Im not able to work with just a guide as such. I wish I know what was going on with this Maybe Im supposed to be my own guide and only have my own inner guidence guiding me?).

I wish it was as simple as just believing in them (for some it may be but for myself, its certainly shown that isnt so). I do not have any doubts at all around the existance of guides.
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Re: lucid goals encouragement

Postby Kirito » 26 Mar 2014 23:32

Ah, gotcha. I talked to someone else that did very similar things with their lucids. He isn't on here though, not active on the other forum either. :/

I am not into anything "metaphyscal", so i can't help you. Good luck!

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