Weird way of realizing I'm in a dream

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Weird way of realizing I'm in a dream

Postby joelspiers15 » 03 May 2014 19:18

I have had 3 lucid dreams so far, the first 2 ended almost instantly, but the 3rd lasted for a while. In all three of these dreams I didn't do a reality check, I didn't notice something odd, and I didn't WILD. For example last night I had just eaten a cinnamon doughnut hole in the dream. I was then driving somewhere and I thought to myself,"It's really cool how I could taste that doughnut since this is a dream." It took me a couple seconds and then I realized that it was a dream. In another one I thought to myself," Wow that girl's pretty hot, it's a shame her breasts aren't bigger. Well this is a dream so I can just do it myself, oh wait, this is a dream!" Both times I have had this train of thought but not realized what I was thinking. It's like I always know that I am in a dream I just don't think about it. Does this happen to anyone else?

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Re: Weird way of realizing I'm in a dream

Postby torakrubik » 04 May 2014 00:19

Yep, this is what I like to call semi-lucidity :) You are aware enough to realise you are dreaming, or at least that it isn't waking reality, but not aware enough to ground yourself or act upon it.
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