A "New" Lucid Dreamer's Question

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A "New" Lucid Dreamer's Question

Postby Cooly568 » 07 May 2014 03:29

So I've been a lurker on this website's main... site for quite a while, six months at least.
I've also been trying to lucid dream for around six months at least.
So after six months... or so, I came here to ask a question about Lucid dreaming and how I've been trying to accomplish it.
Keyword there is trying.

I've only had one Lucid dream in my life, which came 4 months ago spontaneously. At that time I had only been doing occasional reality checks, say only 3 times a day or so, And because I had only done a dream journal five times in the two months before I had this dream, I could only remember bits and pieces of the dream. I remember a bit of my surroundings, the fact I knew I was dreaming, and a tangible feeling at some point.
Ever since then, I've started listening to Isochronic Tone's every night, doing 10-15 reality checks a day, (I do four checks every time I do a check, two different types, tell myself I'm not dreaming, then do the checks again.) and writing down my dreams every night for the past three months, and been able to remember dreams roughly 6 out of 7 days of the week, the math I did says 6.7 or so.
Now it's been four months since I had that one lucid dream, and I'm wondering why it's taking me this what I think is significant amount of time to have another.

I guess you could me a bit new to this, even if it's been seven months or so since I got the crazy idea I could do this Lucid Dreaming thing. :roll:

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Re: A "New" Lucid Dreamer's Question

Postby torakrubik » 08 May 2014 03:34

You could be one of the unlucky ones that takes a while before they get their first 'induced' lucid dream. I've heard accounts of people waiting even longer; but you seem to be doing all the textbook stuff and you clearly are determined which is great too! Keep at it, make sure you aren't getting complacent and rushing the RCs. You're bound to have an LD soon!
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Re: A "New" Lucid Dreamer's Question

Postby Highlander » 08 May 2014 10:29

You should try more stuff to see if it works. Why don't you try the MILD technique. It's one of the easiest and very good for beginners. Try it for some days. If it doesn't works there's more techniques to try.

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Re: A "New" Lucid Dreamer's Question

Postby erichsa » 08 May 2014 17:48

It is hard to explain but I found "Easy does it" One of my mistakes; After doing an exercise I had decided upon, and not getting lucid I used to say to my self" I can try and try ,but it does not work "Of course it will not work if I tell myself that it does not. Over time having good clear dreams I told myself, I will become lucid just take it easy, and do the exercises which I think could do the trick. I read that my favourite dream subject can make me realise that I am dreaming. I like body flying, and in my next flying dream I knew I was dreaming and did take over. So try in a relaxed and different ways to get lucid. I think you will

Good Luck :)

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