Love the doors that open in dreams!

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Love the doors that open in dreams!

Postby lifeisbutadream » 24 Jan 2012 21:37

Have you ever had a LD experience that left you going, "huh"? A week or so ago I had an AWESOME LD where I had gone around the dreamscape asking everyone who was around me who they represented as a part of myself. This was the first time I had ever done that, and I got some pretty awesome answers! I met many "extensions" of myself, including a "higher version" of myself!! It was awesome. Anyways, the "huh?" in question is the LD I had last night. I became aware I was dreaming (by the fact that I was breathing underwater) and ended up walking around the dreamscape with my 7 y/o daughter in my arms. I came across a lady, and when I asked her who she represented as a part of myself, she said, "I am the gymnast. The Cheerleader." Now, I wasn't ever a gymnast, but I was a cheerleader. I got kind of mad at her (I realize in my awake state I shouldn't have gotten mad) and called her a liar and felt very confused in my dream by the fact that this person said I was a gymnast when I never was. I was thinking in my dream, "but, they shouldn't lie!" She asked to hold my daughter, and I became protective and told her no and to go away. I moved on in my dream with my daughter (asking my dream for "something amazing" to show her, which got me a giant bee riding an airplane overhead. It was strange! But cool anyways).
The thing is, I realize now that this person in fact wasn't lying. She was talking about my daughter. She did gymnastics a couple years ago. Duh!! I didn't pick up on that in my dream. I was confused when I woke up but understand it perfectly now. I think that by having her in my arms, I also became who she was as well. And she wasn't trying to steal my daughter from me either. Looking back, it's a lesson to me on slowing down, and living in Love. :)
Anyways, just my food for thought today. Back to laundry!! And reality! :D happy dreams all!

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