OBEs are not lucid dreams.

For those who wish to discuss the purely scientific aspects of sleep and dreams, including new research and future technologies.
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Re: OBEs are not lucid dreams.

Postby Karin » 16 Jun 2014 01:04

I had one experience, before I had any LDs, where the buzzing sound was extremely loud and extremely discordant, vibrations were extremely intense, and I could see brightly colored 'light beams' around me, looking like electrical arcs (buzzing and vibrating), and I could feel hands trying to grab me all around. I would get this insight: 'Here's my chance to get out of my limited box and explore the unknown, isn't that what I always wanted?' I was trying to stay centered and not to panic, but being in that state felt like sitting right on the nose of the space shuttle during lift-off, and regular life in comparison felt like an old faded black and white postcard with me sitting on a couch.

I chose to go back in the postcard (in other words, wake up), it felt SO QUIET and easy in there, LOL. :lol:

Of course then I regretted I didn't take that chance. ;)

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Re: OBEs are not lucid dreams.

Postby Summerlander » 16 Jun 2014 01:15

Yeah, Hagart, the auditory system plays its role in the phenomenon it seems. It is possible that it is a combination of all that we've said. It may happen every time we hit the sleep threshold but it takes consciousness to be aware of it - so no wonder a lucid entrance into the dream world often follows. By the time we are lucid dreaming, the brain has already disconnected from sensory input and the mind is free to author a new reality with a potential for greater detail and freedom to be creative.

I've had times where fear and excitement got the better of me too, Karin. Michael Raduga has the perfect advice for it: "Re-enter the phase." (Pluck up some courage and return to lucid dreamland.)

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Re: OBEs are not lucid dreams.

Postby HAGART » 16 Jun 2014 01:26

This is something I find interesting and I'll make a new topic about it in the General Lucid Dream area. I'll look back at my dream journal and share some of my own wacky experiences, and listen to others and it should be fun!

We may find common similarities and allay peoples worries about the dreaded SLEEP PARALYSIS.

(To summerlander: It happens EVERY time we sleep, but we only notice if our minds are 'awake' enough to realize it. I agree. And every single time, I was already in a dream whether I knew it or not at the time. Only in retrospect did I realize I was already dreaming up the whole thing no matter how real it seemed at the time.)

(To Karin: I too have gotten too excited with an adrenaline rush and ruined it. It's best to kick back and just observe and allow it without expectation. Enjoy the ride wherever it takes you. It's hard sometimes and I too can't help myself from over-thinking it. )
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