Newbie - need help on WILD

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Newbie - need help on WILD

Postby LARRYDEE » 20 Jun 2014 15:03

I have been trying to W.I.L.D. lucid dream for months now and I’m stuck at looking at hypnogogic images and falling asleep. What I’m I doing wrong? I sleep for 4.5 hours, get up for 30-60 minutes, then go back to bed, remain completely still and look at hypnogogic imagery. I always fall asleep or don’t fall back to sleep at all. :oops:

Sometimes, I get a quick 1 to 2 seconds transparent dream. It's transparent against the hypnogogic imagery and that's it. What is wrong here?

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Re: Newbie - need help on WILD

Postby nattsy » 20 Jun 2014 15:15

I don't know much about all this wild and rc etc, but im a natural for 20 years and it sounds to me like your trying to hard, just relax go to sleep and try to listen to your thoughts in you dreams abit more. A good practice is to (in real world) look at an object like an apple , and say apple in your mind, this will train you to recognize you own voice easier when dreaming, then you may find it easier to say to yourself """ wow this is a dream""" ,,,i hope u understood all that my friend****DONT BE AFRAID****
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