A dream within a dream within a dream

Share your most awesome, bizarre or lifelike dreams of the non-lucid variety. Tell us about your weirdest nightmares and false awakenings.
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A dream within a dream within a dream

Postby Heisenberg » 27 Jun 2014 12:29

So I fell asleep next to my laptop at 1 am. Then I " woke up " in my bed except i didn't wake up, it was a dream to what ever i was doing it was causing me to think of scary things and those scary things start happening on my bed and i couldn't stop my self from thinking this over again, next my dad walks in and calls me a dumb@%% and then leaves. Next thing i know, I'm my bed with 4 other people, two them I can see and the other 2 I only see through my mirror and 2 boys and 2 girl { teen agers } and they are pillow fighting and suddenly one of the boys that I could only see through my mirror somehow murders the girl he was playing with, things get weirder, he gets a crazy look in his eyes like { no one can know about this } and he murders the other 2 kids and then he starts running after me. At this point I know that this is somewhat a dream. As I run out through my hallway outside, I warn my dad, { he was doing lawn work, it was morning know }, the guy who was chasing me turned into a scary a$$ monster with a machete like knife and he stabs my dad. So I run out into the streets to get people's attention and the monster is running after me but I see a female cop and I can barely talk for some reason, I tell her about the phsyco chasing me, she starts shooting at him and I ask her to give me one of her guns { she does } . I now know this is a dream and I think to myself I defeated a bad dream and know I can have some fun, so I get into the cop lady's truck and drive it next to her,and I'm extremely horny and I planned to have do a wet dream. So she is standing outside my house and I assume the monster is gone ... I tell her to get in the car, { she was really hot }, I can barely contain myself I start rubbing her hair and tell her to give me a BJ but then the dream start fading out as it always does ... { this is what I hate about dreams, whenever you are having wet dreams, they fade out as soon as you make a move, while nightmares never end as much as you tell yourself it' s a dream} . So I expected to wake up from my dream and instead in wake up in a lab with the scary a$$ monster that was chasing me before, { my brain pulled the ultimate dick move, took me from my good dream and put me in a horrible one again. The beautiful lady also happened to be with me in the lab and she is confused just like me, so the monsters smiles as it stabs me in the chest with the machete { with the look of satisfaction of finally getting me } as I die on the floor , I hand the girl a pack of cigaretts for some reason, though i never done them before. It was her turn to die but before that happens, I wake up but not done dreaming , I wake up in my room thinking the dream is over and see my tv turned on and start flipping through shows, they seem to have weird chinese subs and then I wake, for real .. This happened in 1 hour . I woke up at 2 am as I write this. WOW, I hate my brain for always giving me sh%%Y dreams, 50 percent of my dreams are about school and always trying to complete some stupid assignment, 40 percent are out nightmares and 10 percent are good dreams like wet dreams, superpowers and being rich... and I only get these sometimes.

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