the problem with realizing

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the problem with realizing

Postby NOCOOKIEFORYOU » 07 Jul 2014 09:43

I havnt been here in a while but i couldnt sleep so i thought why i have been wondering (this is a problem with other people i remeber from long ago) that why do i wake up as soon as i becone lucid. Or even half lucid... here is an example from an old dream i had. I was witg kitara from avatar the last airbender (i loved that show). We were runing when sudenly we stop and look at each other.. i dont even think about it or even realize what i said untill i woke up. I said "wait... isnt this a dream?" Then right away no warning not even enough time for her to answer i wake up... its almost as if my dream realized what i was asking and didnt want me to think that way(random idea i just thought). Idk why but all i know is that i was pretty disappointed afterwords

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